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Your complete directory of Tennessee candidates for Governor, United State Senator and Congress in the current election cycle ... state political parties ... the official state election office ... and state news sources.

Reagan - Bush - Ashe - Davis

Filing Deadline: April 2, 2020
Primary: August 6, 2020
Bold = Active Candidate
Italics = Potential Candidate
* = Incumbent
won = Winner
(Incumbent Party Listed First)

This page was last updated on June 18, 2020


Bill Lee (R)* - (Campaign Site)

Next Gubernatorial Election in 2022.

Buford Ellington


State House

State Senate


[ Lamar Alexander (R)* - Retiring in 2020. ]
Cliff Adkins (R)
Natisha Brooks (R) - Private School Founder & Home Schooling Consultant
Byron Bush (R) - Dentist & '94 Candidate
Roy Dale Cope (R) - Pharmacist & Businessman
Terry Dicus (R) - Attorney & Ex-TBI Criminal Investigator
Tom Emerson Jr. (R) - Retired IT Professional, Navy Veteran & Frequent Candidate
George Flinn (R) - Ex-Shelby County Commissioner, Physician, Navy Veteran & Frequent Candidate  
Bill Hagerty (R) - Ex-US Ambassador to Japan, Ex-State Cabinet Member & Businessman
Jon Henry (R) - Retired USMC Veteran
Kent Morrell (R) - Aquarium Design/Installation Contractor
Glen Neal (R) - Retired Knox County Chief Jailer
John Osborne (R)
Aaron Pettigrew (R) - Truck Driver & '18 Candidate
Johnny "JJ" Presley (R) - Ex-chool Board Member, Army Veteran & Medical Center Owner
David Schuster (R) - Retired Businessman & Navy Veteran
Manny Sethi (R) - Surgeon

Marquita Bradshaw (D) - Staffing Consultant, Insurance Agent & Enviromental Activist
Tharon Chandler (D) - Farmer & '02/'16 US Rep Candidate
Gary Davis (D) - Bakery Worker & Frequent Candidate
Robin Kimbrough Hayes (D) - Attorney & Unitarian Minister
James Mackler (D) - Attorney, Air National Guard Officer & Iraq War Veteran
Mark Pickrell (D) - Attorney & Businessman
Yomi "Fapas" Faparusi (I) - Physician, Attorney, Researcher & '14/'16 US Rep Candidate 
Jeffrey Grunau (I) - Photo Journalist, Peace Activist & '18 US Rep Candidate
Ronnie Henley (I) - Progressive Activist & '19 St Rep Candidate
Dean Hill (I) - Real Estate Broker, Army Veteran & '18 Candidate
Steven Hooper (I)
Tom Kovach (I) - Paralegal, Actor, USAF Veteran & Frequent Candidate
Elizabeth McLeod (I) - Tax Manager
Kacey Morgan (I) - Community Events Consultant & Social Justice Activist
Eric Stansberry (I)

Al Gore for US Senate - 1984

Marsha Blackburn (R)* - (Campaign Site) - Next Election in 2024.


District 1:
[ Phil Roe (R)* - Retiring in 2020. ]
Jay Adkins (R) - Machinist, Engineer & Iraq War Veteran
Phil Arlinghaus (R) - Nonprofit Thrift Store Manager & Divinity School Student
Richard Baker (R)
Chance Cansler (R) - Economist
John Clark (R) - Ex-Kingsport Mayor & Businessman
Rusty Crowe (R) - State Sen., Attorney & Vietnam War Veteran
Steve Darden (R) - Ex-Johnson City Mayor & Attorney
Josh Gapp (R) - Physician
Diana Harshbarger (R) - Pharmacist & Community Activist

David Hawk (R) - State Rep. & Haberdasher
Timothy Hill (R) - State Rep., Businessman & Ex-Congressional Aide
Chuck Miller (R)
- Factory Worker
Carter Quillen (R) - Professional Engineer & USCG Veteran
Nichole Williams (R) - Internet Consultant, Ex-Car Saleswoman & Medical Marijuana Activist
Chris Rowe (D) - IT Professional & USAF Veteran
Blair Walsingham (D) - Farmer & USAF Veteran
Steve Holder (I) - Pastor, Army Veteran & Sanders Campaign Activist
Josh Berger (G/WI) - Green Party Activist

District 2:
Tim Burchett (R)* - (Campaign Site)
Chance Brown (D) - Data Engineer & Scientist
Renee Hoyos (D) - Environmental Activist, Ex-Watershed Analyst & '18 Nominee
Matthew Campbell (I)

District 3:
Chuck Fleischmann (R)* - (Campaign Site)
Meg Gorman (D) - Grocery Store Employee
Amber Hysell (I) - Customer Service Representative
Keith Sweitzer (I)

Don Sundquist

District 4:
Scott DesJarlais (R)* - (Campaign Site)
Doug Meyer (R) - Ex-Franklin County GOP Chair, Retired Police Officer & USCG Veteran
Randy Sharp (R)
Noelle Bivens (D) - Development Consultant & Sanders Campaign Activists
Christopher Hale (D) - Nonprofit Group Executive, Ex-Congressional Aide & '18 Candidate

District 5:
Jim Cooper (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Keeda Haynes (D) - Attorney
Justin Jones (D) - College Student & Progressive Activist
Joshua Rawlings (D) - Software Developer, Musician & '14 St Rep Candidate

District 6:
John Rose (R)* - (Campaign Site)
Chris Finley (D) - Restaurant Owner & '18 Candidate
Christopher Monday (I) - Graphic Designer & '18 Candidate

Bill Boner

District 7:
Mark Green (R)* - (Campaign Site)
Kiran Sreepada (D) - Public Policy Consultant
Ronald Brown (I)

Scott Vieira Jr. (I) - Iraq War Veteran

District 8:
David Kustoff (R)* - (Campaign Site)
Erika Stotts Pearson (D) - Consultant, Ex-WNBA Team Asst Manager, Ex-Teacher & '16/'18 Candidate
Larry Pivnick (D) - Attorney, Law School Professor & '14 Candidate
Hollis Skinner (D) - Ex-Trenton City Councilman, Retired Industrial Sociologist & Army Veteran
Savannah Williamson (D) - Ex-Madison County Commissioner & '18 St Sen Nominee
Jon Dillard (I)
James Hart (I) - Realtor, Eugenics Advocate & Frequent Candidate

District 9:
Steve Cohen (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Leo AwGoWhat (D) - Frequent Candidate
Corey Strong (D) - Ex-Shelby Co. Democratic Chair, School Official & Naval Reserve Officer
Charlotte Bergmann (R) - Businesswoman, Trump Campaign Activist & '14/'18 Nominee
Bobby Lyons (I) - Navy Veteran

Fred Thompson - 1994


Constitution Party of Tennessee (C)
Tennessee Democratic Party (D)
Green Party of Tennessee (G)
Libertarian Party of Tennessee (L)
Tennessee Republican Party (R)
Independent Candidates (I)
Write-In Candidates (WI)

Robert Fulton


Secretary of State's Office

Tennessee Registry of Election Finance


Jake Butcher - 1978

Bradley County News Weekly
Chattanooga Times-Free Press
Cleveland Daily Banner
Elizabethton Star
Franklin Review-Appeal
Knoxville Journal
Knoxville News-Sentinel
- (Politics Section)
Lebanon Democrat & Wilson County News
McMinnville Southern Standard
Memphis Commercial Appeal
Memphis Flyer (Alternative)
- (Politics Section)
Morristown Citizen Tribune
Murfreesboro Daily News Journal
Nashville City Paper (Alternative)
Nashville Digest
Nashville Scene (Alternative)
Nashville Tennessean
The Oak Ridger
Rhea County Herald-News
Rutherford Courier
Sevierville/Gatlinburg Mountain Press
Shelbyville Times-Gazette
Sparta Expositor

Phil Bredesen

WDEF TV-12 (CBS - Chattanooga)
WTVC TV-9 (ABC - Chattanooga)
WBBJ TV-7 (ABC - Jackson)
WJHL TV-11 (CBS - Johnson City)
WATE TV-6 (ABC - Knoxville)
WBIR TV-10 (NBC - Knoxville)
WTNZ TV-43 (FOX - Knoxville)
WVLT TV-8 (CBS - Knoxville)
WMC TV-5 (NBC - Memphis)
WPTY TV-24 (ABC - Memphis)
WREG TV-3 (CBS - Memphis)
WKRN TV-2 (ABC - Nashville)
WSMV TV-4 (NBC - Nashville)
WTVF TV-5 (CBS - Nashville)


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