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About Politics1

Launched online in 1997, Politics1 is published as a non-partisan public service to promote fully informed decision-making by the American electorate. One of the first pioneering political blog and news sites, Politics1 draws a sizable and devoted audience of political professionals, journalists, educators, and activists. Ron Gunzburger, Politics1 The data on the site is often crowd-sourced, so we are incredibly grateful to all those political professionals, activists and journalists who contribute the information and tips which keeps Politics1 so current.

Ron Gunzburger - Founder & Publisher of Politics1.com
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Ron Gunzburger is
an experienced, top-level governmental administrator and strategist, political and policy advisor, and attorney, with a solid and creative reputation for troubleshooting, crisis management, and dynamic communications programs. And he's also the publisher/editor of Politics1. Moving into the realm of what was then called "new media," he created and launched the Politics1 web site in late 1997 ... and created the popular HillZoo website for Capitol Hill congressional staffers in 2000. A trial attorney since 1988, Ron previously served as an Assistant Public Defender, an Assistant Florida Attorney General (RICO Unit), a litigation partner in a large national law firm, and General Counsel of two governmental entities until he retired from the Broward Sheriff's Office in Florida in 2019. He relocated to Maryland in 2019 and served as Senior Advisor (Political Director) to Maryland Governor Larry Hogan throughout his second term. Today, Ron is Chief of Staff for the acclaimed oral history nonprofit StoryCorps, and helps lead their One Small Step initiative to reduce toxic polarization in America. The South Florida Business Journal honored Ron in 1998 with its prestigious 40 Under 40 Award for achieving career excellence before age 40. Before entering law school, Ron served in the 1980s as a legislative assistant on Capitol Hill for Congressmen Dick Gephardt of Missouri and Clay Shaw of Florida. He began his political consulting career when his mother - now former Broward County Mayor Sue Gunzburger - first ran for political office in 1982 (she won that race and won eight more consecutive elections before retiring in 2014, and earned national fame or infamy -- depending upon your politics -- for her prominent role in the 2000 Presidential recount). Specializing in strategy and communications, Ron formerly worked as a professional campaign consultant in over 130 campaigns ranging from municipal and judicial races to congressional and gubernatorial campaigns. Originally from New England, Ron and his husband Dana reside in Annapolis.

Note: Politics1 is Ron's personal site, so the descriptions of candidates are his alone, and his decision on how to list or describe a candidate, or exclude a candidate, is within his first amendment rights.

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