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Your complete directory of New York candidates for Governor, United State Senator and Congress in the current election cycle ... state political parties ... the official state election office ... and state news sources.

Politics1 "calls itself the 'the most comprehensive online guide to American politics' and pretty much lives up to its name." -- WABC TV-7

Draft Thomas Dewey for Governor

Filing Deadline (Major Parties): April 2, 2020
Filing Deadline (Independents): May, 2020
Filing Deadline (Other Parties): May, 2020
Primary: June 23, 2020
Bold = Active Candidate
Italics = Potential Candidate
* = Incumbent
won = Winner
(Incumbent Party Listed First)

This page was last updated on April 4, 2020


Andrew Cuomo (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Tom Reed (R) - Congressman

Next State Constitutional Officer Elections in 2022.

Nelson Rockefeller for Governor 1962

Kathy Hochul (D)* - (Campaign Site)

Tom DiNapoli (D)* - (Campaign Site)

Tish James (D)* - (Campaign Site)

Eliot Spitzer for Attorney General


State Assembly (Republican Caucus)

State Senate
(Democratic Caucus - Republican Caucus)

Alan Hevesi for Comptroller


Chuck Schumer (D)* - (Senate Leadership Site) - (Campaign Site) - Next Election in 2022.
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D) - Congresswoman & Democratic Socialist Activist

Sam Seder (D) - Radio Talk Show Host, Comedian, Actor & '20 Pres Candidate

Jim Buckley - 1976

Kirsten Gillibrand (D)* - (Campaign Site) - Next Election in 2024.


District 1:
Lee Zeldin (R/IP)* - (Campaign Site)
David Gokhshtein (R/IP) - Cryptocurrency Investor
Greg Fischer (D) - Business Consultant, Ex-Volunteer Firefighter & Frequent Candidate
Bridget Fleming (D) - Suffolk County Legislator, Ex-Southampton Town Councilwoman & Attorney
Perry Gershon (D) - Lending Corporation Executive & '18 Nominee
Nancy Goroff (D) - College Professor & Chemist

District 2:
[ Pete King (R)* - Retiring in 2020. ]
Andrew Garbarino (R/C/IP/L) - State Assemblyman, Attorney & Businessman
Mike LiPetri (R) - State Assemblyman & Attorney
Jackie Gordon (D/IP/WF) - Babylon Town Councilwoman, Retired Army Officer & Afghan War Veteran
Pat Maher (D) - Attorney, Ex-Nonprofit Group Executive & '14 Nominee
Harry Burger (G) - Mechanical Engineer & Custom Wax Seal Designer

Carter-Mondale & Elaine Horowitz 1976

District 3:
Tom Suozzi (D/IP)* - (Campaign Site)
Melanie D'Arrigo (D) - Nonprofit Group Executive & Democratic Activist
Michael Weinstock (D) - Attorney & Volunteer Firefighter
George Santos (R/C) - Business Development Executive
Howard Rabin (L) - Attorney & '19 Town Council Candidate
Bob Cohen (WF) - Attorney, '18 Candidate & Placeholder Nominee
Daniel Ross (I) - Administrative Assistant & Progressive Activist
Josh Sauberman (I) - Insurance Broker, Ex-UN Policy Analyst & '18 Candidate

District 4:
Kathleen Rice (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Azeem Hussein (D) - Businessman, Inventor & Progressive Activist
Cindy Grosz (R) - Publicist, Radio Show Host & Jewish Community Activist
Joseph Naham (G) - Office Manager, Green Party Activist & '16 Assembly Nominee

District 5:
Gregory Meeks (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Shaniyat Chowdhury (D) - Law School Graduate, USMC Veteran & Democratic Socialist Activist
Amit Lal (I) - Logistics Professional

Raymond McGrath

District 6:
Grace Meng (D)*- (Campaign Site)
Sandra Choi (D) - Urban Economic Development Professional
Mel Gagarin (D) - Democratic Socialist Activist, Ex-Congressional Aide & '09 NYC Council Candidate
Tom Zmich (R) - Bricklayer, Army Veteran & Trump Campaign Activist
Tom Hillgardner (G) - Attorney & '18 Nominee

District 7:
Nydia Velazquez (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Avery Pereira (R) - Nonprofit Group Community Coordinator & GOP Activist

Iro Omere (I) - Teacher

District 8:
Hakeem Jeffries (D)* - (House Democratic Caucus Chair Site) - (Campaign Site)

District 9:
Yvette Clarke (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Adem Bunkeddeko (D) - Brooklyn Community Board Member & '18 Candidate
Chaim Deutsch (D) - NYC Councilman, Ex-Council Aide & Jewish Community Activist
Lutchi Gayot (D) - Shop Owner & '18 GOP Nominee
Isiah James (D) - Graduate Student, Army Veteran & Democratic Socialist Activist
Constantin Jean-Pierre (D) - Nonprofit Group Executive & Life Coach
Joel Anabilah-Azumah (I) - Bus Company Owner, Civil Engineer & Frequent Candidate

Bertram Podell

District 10:
Jerrold Nadler (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Lindsey Boylan (D) - Ex-NY Depy Economic Development Secretary & Ex-Gubernatorial Aide
Darryl Hendricks (D) - Personal Trainer
Jonathan Herzog (D) - Political Organizer & Yang Campaign Activist
Bob Wyman (D) - Beneficial Electrification Advocate & Software Engineer
Cathy Bernstein (R/C) - FInancial Advisor, Accountant & Jewish Community Activist
Dylan Stevenson (R) - FInancial Analyst
Michael Madrid (L) - Software Architect & Consultant

Jeanne Nigro (I) - Minister, Author, Ex-Business Consultant & Ex-Republican

District 11:
Max Rose (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Joe Caldarera (R) - Attorney

Nicole Malliotakis (R) - State Assemblywoman, Ex-Gubernatorial Aide & '17 NYC Mayor Nominee

District 12:
Carolyn Maloney (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Lauren Ashcraft (D) - Banking Project Manager, Ex-Policy Analyst & Progressive Activist
Peter Harrison (D) - Teacher, Affordable Housing Advisor & Democratic Socialist Activist
Suraj Patel (D) - Hotel Executive, Attorney, Ex-Obama White House Aide & '18 Candidate

Congressman Floyd Flake

District 13:
Adriano Espaillat (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Richard Habersham (D) - Real Estate Broker & Ex-TV News Reporter
James Felton Keith (D) - Businessman & '18 Candidate
Pedro Lopez (D) - Businessman & Community Activist
Ramon Rodriguez (D) - Etiquette/Protocol Consultant & Progressive Activist
Lovelynn "Love" Gwinn (R) - Real Estate Broker & Property Manager
Christopher Morris-Perry (C) - Commercial Energy Consultant

District 14:
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Michelle Caruso-Cabrera (D) - Ex-TV News Anchor & Author
James Dillon (D) - Retired Investigator, Community Activist & Frequent Candidate
Badrun Khan (D) - Queens Community Board Member
Jose Velazquez (D) - Property Manager
Jineea Butler (R) - Social Worker & '18 Nominee in CD-13
John Cummings (R) - Teacher & Retired NYPD Officer
Miguel Hernandez (R) - Condo Building Superintendent & Maintenance Contractor
Scherie Murray (R) - GOP State Committeewoman, Businesswoman & Frequent Candidate
Israel Ortega Cruz (R) - Housing Specialist
Ruth Papazian (R) - Medical Writer
Antoine Tucker (R) - Businessman & Ex-Drug Dealer

District 15:
[ Jose Serrano (D)* - Retiring in 2020. ]
Frangell Basora (D) - Ex-District Attorney’s Office Employee & Ex-Congressional Intern
Ismael Betancourt Jr. (D) - Management Consultant, Nonprofit Group CEO & Frequent Candidate
Michael Blake (D) - State Assemblyman & Ex-Obama White House Aide
Ruben Diaz Sr. (D) - NYC Councilman, Ex-State Sen, Evangelical Minister & Army Veteran
David Franks Jr. (D) - Police Officer
Samelys Lopez (D) - Ex-Bronx Community Board Member & Progressive Activist
Melissa Mark-Viverito (D) - Ex-NYC Council Speaker & Ex-NYC Councilwoman
Chivona Newsome (D) - Financial Advisor & Black Lives Matters Activist
Jonathan Ortiz (D) - Nonprofit Group Executive & Financial Counselor
Julio Pabon (D) - Marketing Executive, Bed/Breakfast Co-Owner & '16 NYC Council Candidate
Tomas Ramos (D) - Nonprofit Group Program Director
Ydanis Rodriguez (D) - NYC Councilman & Educator
Marlene Tapper (D) - Political Consultant, Ex-NYC Council Aide & Frequent Candidate
Ritchie Torres (D) - NYC Councilman

Patrick Delices (R) - College Professor, '17 NYC Council Candidate & '18 St Sen Candidate

John V Lindsay for NYC Mayor 1965

District 16:
Eliot Engel (D)*- (Campaign Site)
Jamaal Bowman (D/WF) - Middle School Principal & Teacher
Chris Fink (D) - Attorney & Community Activist
Andom Ghebreghiorgis (D) - Teacher
Sammy Ravelo (D) - Retired NYPD Police Lieutenant & Gulf War Veteran

District 17:
[ Nita Lowey (D)* - Retiring in 2020. ]
George John Bosco (D) - Businessman
David Buchwald (D) - State Assemblyman, Ex-White Plains City Councilman & Attorney
Asha Castleberry-Hernandez (D) - College Professor, Ex-US State Dept Official & Army Veteran
David Carlucci (D) - State Sen., Ex-Clarkston Town Clerk & Ex-Congressional Aide
Evelyn Farkas (D) - Ex-US Deputy Asst Defense Secretary, Senior Fellow & Ex-Congressional Aide
Allison Fine (D) - Nonprofit Leadership Consultant, Writer & Feminist Activist
Duane Jackson (D) - Street Vendor, Vietnam War Veteran & '12 Candidate
Mondaire Jones (D/WF) - Attorney & Nonprofit Group Co-Founder
Catherine Parker (D) - Westchester County Legislator, Ex-Rye City Councilwoman & Shop Owner
Adam Schleifer (D) - Attorney
Yehudis Gottesfeld (R/C/L) - Doctoral Student
Maureen McArdle Schulman (R) - Retired Firefighter
Michael Parietti (SAM) - Businessman, Army Veteran, Community Activist & Frequent Candidate

District 18:
Sean Patrick Maloney (D/IP/WF)* - (Campaign Site)
Chele Farley (R/C/L) - Financial Executive, NYC GOP Finance Chair & '18 US Sen Nominee
Scott Smith (L/SAM/I) - Ex-Middletown Town Councilman, Teacher & Frequent Candidate

Bella Abzug for NYC Mayor - 1977

District 19:
Antonio Delgado (D/IP/SAM/WF)* - (Campaign Site)
Ola Hawatmeh (R/C) - Fashion Designer
Kyle Van De Water (R/C/IP) - Ex-Millbrook Village Trustee, Attorney & Army Reserve Officer
Steve Greenfield (G) - Ex-New Paltz School Board Member, Musician & '18 Nominee
Victoria Alexander (L) - Systems Researcher, Novelist & '18 Candidate

District 20:
Paul Tonko (D/IP/WF)* - (Campaign Site)
Liz Joy (R/C/SAM) - Realtor & Conservative Activist

District 21:
Elise Stefanik (R/C/IP)* - (Campaign Site)
Tedra Cobb (D/WF) - Ex-St. Lawrence County Legislator, Businesswoman & '18 Nominee

Jim Walsh for Congress

District 22:
Anthony Brindisi (D/IP/SAM/WF)* - (Campaign Site)
George Phillips (R) - Ex-Broome County Legislator, Teacher & Frequent Nominee
Claudia Tenney (R/C/L) - Ex-Congresswoman, Ex-State Assemblywoman & Attorney
Keith Price (L) - '19 Town Council Candidate

District 23:
Tom Reed (R/C/IP)* - (Campaign Site)
Tracy Mitrano (D/SAM/WF) - Cybersecurity Consultant, Ex-University Dean & '18 Nominee
Scott Noren (D) - Dental Surgeon, Army Veteran & '12/'18 US Sen Candidate
Andrew Kolstee (L) - Graphic Designer, Writer & Libertarian Activist

District 24:
John Katko (R/C/IP)* - (Campaign Site)
Dana Balter (D) - College Professor, Progressive Activist & '18 Nominee
Francis Conole (D) - Intelligence Analyst & Iraq War Veteran
Steven Williams (WF) - Attorney, '16 Candidate & Placeholder Nominee

George Pataki & Amo Houghton

District 25:
Joe Morelle (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Robin Wilt (D) - Brighton Town Councilwoman, Realtor & '18 Candidate
George Mitris (R) - Attorney

District 26:
Brian Higgins (D/L/SAM)* - (Campaign Site)
Emin "Eddie" Egriu (D/L) - Contractor & Frequent Candidate
Rick Donovan (R/IP) - '12 Assembly Candidate & '14 St Sen Candidate
Mike Raleigh (G)

District 27 - Special Election - June 23, 2018:
[ Chris Collins (R)* - Resigned September 30, 2019. ]
Chris Jacobs (R) - State Sen., Ex-Erie County Clerk & Real Estate Redevelopment Contractor
Nate McMurray (D) - Ex-Grand Island Town Supervisor, Attorney & '18 Nominee
Duane Whitmer (L) - Accountant & Libertarian Activist

District 27 - Regular Election:
[ Chris Collins (R)* - Resigned September 30, 2019. ]
Chris Jacobs (R/IP) - State Sen., Ex-Erie County Clerk & Real Estate Redevelopment Contractor
Stefan Mychajliw (R) - Erie County Comptroller & Ex-TV News Reporter
Beth Parlato (R/C) - Attorney, Ex-Town Judge & Conservative Activist
Nate McMurray (D/WF) - Ex-Grand Island Town Supervisor, Attorney & '18 Nominee
Mike "Gamms" Gammariello (G) - Antifa Activist & Comedian
Scott Flynn (L)
Duane Whitmer (L) - Accountant & Libertarian Activist


Conservative Party of New York State (C)
Constitution Party of New York (CNST)
New York State Democratic Party (D)
Green Party of New York State (G)
Independence Party of New York (IP)
Libertarian Party of New York (L)
New York Prohibition Party (P)
New York Reform Party (REF)
New York State Republican Party (R)
New York Right To Life Party (RTL)
Rent Is Too Damn High Party (RTDH)
Socialist Party of New York (SOC)
Serve America Movement Party (SAM)
Socialist Workers Party of New York (SWP)
Women's Equality Party (WEP)
Working Families Party (WF)

Al Lewis for Governor - Green Party


State Board of Elections

Women for Rudy Giuliani


Albany Times Union
Amsterdam Recorder
Buffalo Artvoice (Alternative)
Buffalo News
Buzzsaw Haircut (Ithaca College)
Capital Tonight
Chenango County Evening Sun
City Hall News
City & State New York
Daily Orange (Syracuse University)
East Hampton Independent
East Hampton Star
Elmira Star-Gazette
Empire Page Politics

Garza for Congress - Socialist Workers Party

Genesee Country Express
Glens Falls Post-Star
Gloversville Leader-Herald
Hamilton County News
Hillsdale Independent
Honeoye Falls Sentinel
Ithaca Times
LGNY (NYC - Gay & Lesbian)
Little Falls Evening Times
Livingston County Lake and Valley Clarion
LIPolitics.com (Long Island)

Mike Bloomberg for NYC Mayor 2005

Medina Journal-Register
Middletown Cable TV-6
Middletown Times-Herald Record
New York City Gotham Gazette
New York Daily News
New York Law Journal
New York Magazine
New York Newsday
- (Politics Section)
New York Observer
New York Post
New York Press (Alternative)
New York Times
- (Politics Section)
New York Village Voice
New York Wired
News-12 New York (Cablevision - Long Island/Bronx/Westchester)
NY1: News
Oswego Palladium-Times

Lenora Fulani for Governor

Rochester Democrat & Chronicle
Rome Sentinel
Schenectady Daily Gazette
Smithtown News
Staten Island Advance
Sullivan County Democrat
Syracuse Post-Standard
- (Election News)
Syracuse New Times
Troy Record
Urban Elephants
Watertown Daily News
Westchester Today
WRBW TV-16 (WB - Rochester)

Hillary Clinton - 2000


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