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Your complete directory of Florida candidates for Governor, United State Senator and Congress in the current election cycle ... state political parties ... the official state election office ... and state news sources.

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LBJ & Claude Pepper 1964

Federal Candidate Filing Deadline: May 1, 2020
State Candidate Filing Deadline: June 19, 2020
State Primary: August 18, 2020
Bold = Active Candidate
Italics = Potential Candidate
* = Incumbent
won = Winner
(Incumbent Party Listed First)

This page was last updated on April 7, 2020


Ron DeSantis (R)* - (Campaign Site)
Lauren Book (D) - State Sen. & Nonprofit Group Founder
Nikki Fried (D) - State Agriculture Commissioner & Attorney
Andrew Gillum (D) - Ex-Tallahassee Mayor, Ex-Tallahassee City Commissioner & '18 Nominee

Next State Constitutional Officer Elections in 2022.

Jeb Bush - 1994

Jeanette Nunez (R)*

Ashley Moody (R)* - (Campaign Site)

Jimmy Patronis (R)* - (Campaign Site)

Bob Graham - 1978

Nikki Fried (D)* - (Campaign Site)


Anti-Dempsey Barron - 1978

State House

State Senate


Marco Rubio (R)* - (Campaign Site) - Next Election in 2022.
Piotr Blass (R) - Retired College Professor, Mathematician & Frequent Candidate 
Carlos Barberena (NPA) - Digital Marketing Consultant
Grace Granda (NPA) - Business Consultant

Bob Graham - 1978

Rick Scott (R)* - (Campaign Site) - Next Election in 2024.


District 1:
Matt Gaetz (R)* - (Campaign Site)
Greg Merk (R) - Retired USAF/Navy Officer
John Mills (R) - Retired Navy Officer & '18 Candidate
Earl Dean (D)
Phil Ehr (D) - Retired Navy Commander & '18 Candidate
Cheryl Howard (D) - African American Heritage Society Director

District 2:
Neal Dunn (R)* - (Campaign Site)
Willie Anderson (D) - Pastor
Devin Baker (D) - Restaurant Manager
Connor Oswald (D) - Educator
Franklin Schuler (D) - Ex-Bronson Mayor, Building Contractor & '18 Candidate

District 3:
[ Ted Yoho (R)* - Retiring in 2020. ]
Kat Cammack (R) - Ex-Congressional Aide
Ryan Chamberlin (R) - Businessman & Author
Todd Chase (R) - Ex-Gainesville City Commissioner, Businessman & Retired Navy Officer
Bill Engelbrecht (R) - Home Health Care Agency Owner
Kent Guinn (R) - Ocala Mayor, Ex-Ocala City Councilman & Insurance Agency Owner
Joe Millado (R) - Government Affairs Consultant & Ex-Congressional Aide
Gavin Rollins (R) - Clay County Commissioner, Teacher & National Guard Officer
Judson Sapp (R) - Businessman & Ex-Congressional Aide
James St. George (R) - Physician
David Theus (R) - Business Consultant
Amy Pope Wells (R) - Businesswoman, Ex-Nurse & Community Activist
Adam Christensen (D) - Businessman
Phil Dodds (D) - Software Sales Manager & '12 Candidate
Richard Allen Rowe (D)
Tom Wells (D) - Scientist & Frequent Candidate

Joe Scarborough for Congress

District 4:
John Rutherford (R)* - (Campaign Site)
Erick Aguilar (R) - College Professor, Financial Advisor, Consultant & Retired Naval NCO
Robbi Gleichauf (R) - Businessman
Gary Koniz (R) - Retired Journalist, Vietnam War Veteran & Frequent Candidate
John White (R)
Donna Deegan (D) - Nonprofit Group Founder, Ex-TV News Anchor & Breast Cancer Activist
Monica DePaul (D) - Teacher, Transgender Rights Activist & '18 Candidate
Chris Eagle (NPA) - Businessman

District 5:
Al Lawson (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Isaiah Abenchuchan (D) - Marijuana Legalization Activist
Albert Chester (D) - Pharmacist & Businessman
LaShonda "LJ" Holloway (D) - Businesswoman, Ex-Congressional Aide & '16 Candidate
Gary Adler (R) - Businessman & Community Activist
Virginia Fuller (R) - Nurse, Conservative Activist & Frequent Candidate
Matthew Lusk (R) - Human Resources Professional
Roger Wagoner (R)

District 6:
Mike Waltz (R)* - (Campaign Site)
Clint Curtis (D) - Attorney & Frequent Candidate
Ken Ekman Jr. (D)
Richard Thripp (D) - College Instructor
Oscar Celico (NPA) - '00 Sheriff Candidate

District 7:
Stephanie Murphy (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Pedro Figueiredo (D) - Research Scientist
Sandra Henry (D) - Businesswoman, Nonprofit Group Founder & Community Activist
Stephen Bacon (R) - DeBary City Councilman, Retired Insurance Executive & '10 Candidate
Thomas Delia (R) - Business Manager & National Guardsman
Chelle DiAngelus (R) - Technology Consultant & Ex-Healthcare Executive
Vennia Francois (R) - Attorney, Ex-Congressional Aide & '18 Candidate
Richard Goble (R) - Mortgage Broker & Ex-Securities Dealer
Sean Jackson (R) - Businessman & GOP Activist
Eddie Mejias (R) - Attorney
Armani Salado (R) - College Student
Mike Thibodeau (R) - Ecommerce Company Operations Manager
Leo Valentin (R) - Physician
Yukong Zhao (R) - Businessman
Bill Garlington (NPA) - Businessman, Ex-Actor & Ex-TV Show Host

Porter Goss for Congress

District 8:
Bill Posey (R)* - (Campaign Site)
Hicham Ammi (D) - Customer Service Representative`
Jim Kennedy (D) - Electrical Engineer
Tiffany Patti (D)

District 9:
Darren Soto (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Jose Castillo (R) - Businessman
Bill Olson (R) - Retired Army NCO & Afghan War Veteran
Sergio Ortiz (R) - Mortgage Banker
Christopher Wright (R)
Gregory Andersen (NPA)
Anthony Davila (NPA) - Retired Police Officer & Navy Veteran
Stuart Farber (NPA) - Physician
John Rallison (NPA) - Pastor, Teacher & Consultant
Edgar Reyes (NPA)
Clay Hill (Write-In) - Frequent Candidate

District 10:
Val Demings (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Roland McCoy (D)
Willie Montague (R) - Christian Nonprofit Group CEO & Life Coach
Kirk Troen (R) - Tour Company Manager & Retired USMC Officer
KrisSteven Lawson (NPA) - SInger & Musician

District 11:
Dan Webster (R)* - (Campaign Site)
Aaron Joseph Licciardello (R) - Businessman
Steven Thompson (R)
Tim Devine (R) - Frequent Candidate
Dana Cottrell (D) - Teacher & '18 Nominee
Jim Henry (D) - Educator, Ex-Journalist & '18 Candidate
Jeff Rabinowitz (D) - Hospitality Industry Professional & '16/'18 Candidate

Reubin Askew for Governor / Jim Williams for Lt. Gov. - 1970

District 12:
Gus Bilirakis (R)* - (Campaign Site)
Zach Smith (R) - HVAC Technician & Army Veteran
Courtney Rettew (D) - Attorney
Kimberly Walker (D) - Businesswoman, Ex-Correctional Officer & Army/USAF Veteran
Mike Knezevich (NPA) - Retired Supervisory Treasury Agent

District 13:
Charlie Crist (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Matt Becker (R) - Staffing Firm Owner, Ex-US Small Business Admin. Official & GOP Activist
George Buck (R) - Consultant, Ex-College Professor, Army/USAF Veteran & '18 Nominee
Sheila Griffin (R) - Attorney & '15 City Council Candidate
Anna Paulina Luna (R) - Businesswoman, USAF Veteran & Conservative Activist
Amanda Makki (R) - Attorney, Lobbyist & Ex-Congressional Aide
Sharon Newby (R) - Businesswoman & Ex-Teacher
Dave Hubbard (NPA)

District 14:
Kathy Castor (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Jeremy Brown (R) - Retired Army NCO, Iraq/Afghan War Veteran & Volunteer Firefighter
Ed Chase (R)
Kirk Chong (R)
Charlie Frontela (R) - Document Preparer, '18 State Rep Candidate & '16 School Bd Candidate
Lloyd Wiggins (R) - '18 Candidate
Alix "St. Christopher" Toulme Jr. (NPA) - Navy Veteran, Conspiracy Theorist & '18 Candidate
Robert Wunderlich (NPA) - Attorney & Retired Army NCO

District 15:
Ross Spano (R)* - (Campaign Site)
Scott Franklin (R) - Lakeland City Commissioner, Insurance Agency Owner & Retired Navy Officer
Kel Britvec (D) - Retired Defense Intelligence Agency Official
Alan Cohn (D) - Ex-TV News Anchor, Communications Consultant & '14 Nominee
Adam Hattersley (D) - State Rep., Businessman & Navy Veteran
Loretta Miller (D) - Political Activist & Frequent Candidate
Jesse Philippe (D) - Law Student & Iraq War Veteran
Kevin Leverett (NPA) - Security Guard & Marketing Consultant

District 16:s
Vern Buchanan (R)* - (Campaign Site)
Jerry Milligan III (R) - Insurance Agent
Margaret Good (D) - State Rep. & Attorney

Jan Schneider (D) - Attorney, Ex-Congressional Aide & Frequent Candidate

Harry Johnston for Congress

District 17:
Greg Steube (R)* - (Campaign Site)
Gina LaBruno (R) - Cosmetologist & Community Activist
Allen Ellison (D) - Policy Consultant & '18 Nominee
Theodore Murray (D) - Home Repair Contractor

District 18:
Brian Mast (R)* - (Campaign Site)
Nicholas Vessio (R) - Security Consultant & Retired Police Officer
Pam Keith (D) - Attorney, Navy Veteran, '18 Candidate & '16 US Sen. Candidate
Oz Vazquez (D) - Ex-State Deputy Solicitor General & Attorney

District 19:
[ Francis Rooney (R)* - Retiring in 2020. ]
Darren Dione Aquino (R) - Actor & Disabilities Rights Activist
Casey Askar (R) - Businessman & USMC Veteran
Byron Donalds (R) - State Rep., Financial Advisor & Ex-College Trustee

Michael Dreikorn (R) - Matlacha Fire Commissioner, Aviation Consultant & '14 Candidate

Antonio Dumornay (R) - Community Activist
Dane Eagle (R) - State House Majority Leader & Real Estate Broker
William Figlesthaler (R) - Urologist
Heather Fitzenhagen (R) - State Rep. & Attorney

Chauncey Goss (R) - Ex-Sanibel City Councilman, Water District Commissioner & '12/'16 Candidate

Randy Henderson (R) - Fort Myers Mayor, Ex-City Councilman & Real Estate Broker

Paige Kreegel (R) - Ex-State Rep., Physician & '12/'14 Candidate
Steve Martin (R) - Attorney & Trump Campaign Activist

Christy McLaughlin (R) - Recent Law School Graduate & GOP Activist

Ray Rodriguez (R) - State Rep. & Ex-State House Majority Leader

Dan "Doc" Severson (R) - Ex-Minnesota State Rep., Businessman, Navy Veteran & Frequent Candidate

Drew Steele (R) - Radio Talk Show Host

Angela Walls-Windhauser (R) - Pastor, Ex-Substitute Teacher & Frequent Candidate
Trae Zipperer (R) - Real Estate Broker & Navy Veteran
Cindy Banyai (D) - Organizational Development Consultant & College Professor
David Holden (D) - Financial Advisor & '18 Nominee

District 20:
Alcee Hastings (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Sheila Cherfilus-McCormick (D) - Home Health Care Company CEO & '18 Candidate
Roshan Mody (D) - Nonprofit Group Founder
Emmanuel Morel (D) - Retired USDOL Investigator, '14 Candidate & '16 St Sen Candidate
James Taylor (D) - Radio Talk Show Host & Term Limits Activist
Lateresa Jones (R) - Life Coach & Frequent Candidate
Greg Musselwhite (R) - Welding Inspector

J. Herbert Burke for Congress - 1972

District 21:
Lois Frankel (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Adam Aarons (D)
Dennis Glassberg (D) - Retiree & Sanders Campaign Activist
Guido Weiss (D) - Ex-Congressional Aide & Navy Reserve Officer
Christian Acosta (R) - College Professor & Nuclear Engineer
Piotr Blass (R) - Retired College Professor, Mathematician & Frequent Candidate 
Michael Bluemling Jr. (R) - Nonprofit Group Founder, Army Veteran & Author
Elizabeth Felton (R) - Private Zoo Owner
Victor Garcia da Rosa (R) - Sales Consultant
Laura Loomer (R) - Conspiracy Theorist & Alt-Right Blogger
Aaron Scanlan (R) - Home Sales Consultant & Photographer
Reba Sherrill (R) - Businesswoman
Mike Vilardi (R) - Tax Consultant & Retired IRS Agent
Steve Canton (NPA) - Investment Banker

District 22:
Ted Deutch (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Imtiaz Mohammad (D) - Asian Community Newspaper Publisher & '18 St Rep Candidate
Kevin Boyle (R)
Fran Flynn (R)
Jessi Melton (R) - Wireless Consultant
Jim Pruden (R) - Attorney
Christine Scott (R)
Dr Joe Smith (R) - Chiropractor & Frequent Candidate
Darlene Swaffar (R) - Insurance Agency Owner
Lisa Marmorato (NPA) - Media Consultant

District 23:
Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Jen Perelman (D) - Attorney & Voting Rights Activist
D.B. Fugate (R)
Kim Johnson (R)
Ilya Katz (R) - Retired College Professor & Frequent Candidate
Michael Kroske (R) - Equipment Procurement Manager
Richard Mendelson (R) - College Professor & '18 School Board Candidate
Shlomo Nizahon (R) - Attorney & Israeli Army Veteran
Jeff Olson (R) - Real Estate Broker & Actor
Oswaldo Requena (R)
Carla Spalding (R) - Nurse, Realtor, Navy Veteran & '16/'18 Candidate

US Senator Dick Stone - 1980

District 24:
Frederica Wilson (D)* -
(Campaign Site)
Sakinah Lehtola (D) - Progressive Activist
Christine Olivo (D) - Ex-Church Youth Director, College Student & Community Activist
Howard Knepper (R) - Real Estate Developer & Frequent Candidate
Lavern Spicer (R) - Nonprofit Food Bank Executive Director
Courtney Omega-Turner (L) - Coconut Grove Village Councilwoman & Insurance Agent

District 25:
Mario Diaz-Balart (R)* - (Campaign Site)
Tom Hughes (R) - Minister & Firearms Instructor
Stewart "Stuh" Persky (R) - Retired Accountant
Yadira Escobar (D) - Radio Producer, Journalist & Progressive Activist

District 26:
Debbie Mucarsel-Powell (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Omar Blanco (R) - Ex-Metro-Dade Firefighters Union President
Carlos Gimenez (R) - Miami-Dade County Mayor, Ex-County Commissioner & Ex-Miami Fire Chief
Jose Peixoto (R) - Maintenance Engineer & Frequent Candidate
Irina Vilarino (R) - Restaurant Owner
Dennis Misigoy (L) - Software Engineer, Ex-Teacher & Community Activist

District 27:
Donna Shalala (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Jonathan Marc (D)
Donald Summeralls II (D) - School Instructor
Gabe Ferrer (R) - Retired Engineer, Real Estate Developer & Missionary
Juan Fiol (R) - Realtor & Trump Campaign Activist
Raymond Molina (R) - Self-Employed & Conservative Activist
Christian Montiel (R)
Frank Polo (R) - Law Student & '18 State Rep Candidate
Maria Salazar (R) - Ex-TV News Anchor, Journalist & '18 Nominee
Enrique Tarrio (R) - Neofascist Alt-Right Group Leader


Jack Eckerd for Governor - Paula Hawkins for Lt Governor - 1978

Constitution Party of Florida (C)
Florida Democratic Party (D)
Green Party of Florida (G)
Libertarian Party of Florida (L)
Reform Party of Florida (REF)
Republican Party of Florida (R)
Independent / No Party Affiliation (NPA)


Secretary of State - Division of Elections


Ed Gurney - 1968

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Boca Raton News
Bradenton Herald
Broward El Heraldo (Spanish)
Broward Times (African-American)
Broward & Palm Beach New Times (Alternative)
Cedar Key Beacon
Charlotte Sun-Herald
Citrus County Chronicle
Daily Pulp
Daytona Beach News-Journal
Destin Log
Everglades City Echo
Fernandina Beach News Leader
Florida News Center (Media News)
Florida Political Press (Conservative)
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Fort Lauderdale Westside Gazette (African-American)
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Janet Reno for Governor - 2002

WBBH TV-2 (NBC - Ft. Myers)
WINK TV-11 (CBS - Ft. Myers)
WCJB TV-20 (ABC - Gainesville)
WJXT TV-4 (IBS - Jacksonville)
WJXX TV-25 / WTLV TV-12 (ABC/NBC - Jacksonville)
WBZL TV-39 (WB - Miami)
WFOR TV-4 (CBS - Miami)
WSVN TV-7 (FOX - Miami)
WTVJ TV-6 (NBC - Miami)
WPLG TV-10 (ABC - Miami)
WINZ AM 940 Radio (Miami)
WESH TV-2 (NBC - Orlando)
WFTV TV-9 (ABC - Orlando)
WKMG TV-6 (IBS - Orlando)
WJHG TV-7 (NBC - Panama City)
WEAR TV-3 (ABC - Pensacola)
WCTV TV-6 (CBS - Tallahassee)
WTXL TV-27 (ABC - Tallahassee)
WFLA TV-8 (NBC - Tampa)
WFTS TV-28 (ABC - Tampa)
WTSP TV-10 (CBS - Tampa)
WTVT TV-13 (FOX - Tampa)
WPBF TV-25 (IBS - West Palm Beach)
WPTV TV-5 (NBC - West Palm Beach)


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