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Your complete directory of California candidates for Governor, State Cabinet, United State Senator and Congress in the current election cycle ... state political parties ... the official state election office ... and state news sources.

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Ronald Reagan for Governor - 1966

Filing Deadline: December 8, 2023 
Filing Deadline (Write-Ins): February 20, 2024
Primary: March 5, 2024
Bold = Active Candidate
Italics = Potential Candidate
* = Incumbent
won = Winner
(Incumbent Party Listed First)

This page was last updated on May 28, 2023


Gavin Newsom (D)* - Term-Limited in 2026. ]
Rob Bonta (D) - Attorney General, Ex-State Assemblyman & Ex-Alameda City Councilman 
Michael Huizar (R)
Raymond Jenkins (G)
Eleni Kounalakis (D) - Lt Governor, Ex-US Ambassador & Businesswoman
Betty Yee (D) - Ex-State Controller & Ex-State Board of Equalization Member

Jerry Waldie for Governor - 1974

Next State Constitutional Officer Elections in 2026.

[ Eleni Kounalakis (D)* - Candidate for Governor in 2026. ] 
Toni Atkins (D) - State Senate President Pro Tempore & Ex-State Assembly Speaker 
Frank Bigelow (R) - Ex-State Assemblyman, Ex-Madera County Supervisor & Rancher 
Steven Bradford (D) - State Sen. & Ex-Gardena City Councilman 
Autumn Burke (D) - Ex-State Assemblywoman & Lobbyist 
Ian Calderon (D) - Ex-State Assembly Majority Leader
Bill Dodd (D) - State Sen., Ex-State Assemblyman & Ex-Napa County Supervisor
Susan Eggman (D) - State Sen., Ex-Stockton City Councilor, Social Worker & Army Veteran 
David Fennell (R) - Businessman & Frequent Candidate   
Steve Glazer (D) - State Sen., Ex-Orinda City Councilman & '22 State Controller Candidate  
Brian Jones (R) - State Senate Minority Leader, Ex-State Assemblyman & Ex-Santee Councilman 

Fiona Ma (D) - State Treasurer, Ex-Equalization Member & Ex-State Assemblywoman

Chad Mayes (NPP) - Ex-State Assemblyman, Ex-Yucca Valley Mayor & Ex-Republican
Melissa Melendez (R) - Ex-State Sen., Businesswoman & Navy Veteran
Josh Newman (D) - State Sen., Nonprofit Executive & Army Veteran
Patrick O'Donnell (D) - Ex-State Assemblyman, Ex-Long Beach Councilman & Ex-Teacher
Anthony Rendon (D) - State Assembly Speaker & Ex-Nonprofit Executive 
Scott Wilk (R) - State Sen. & Ex-State Assemblyman

Shirley Weber (D)* - (Campaign Site)

Malia Cohen (D)* - (Campaign Site)

John Briggs for Governor - 1978

Fiona Ma (D)* - Candidate foir Lieutenant Governor in 2026. ]
Andrew Do (R) - Orange County Supervisor, Ex-Garden Grove City Councilman & '22 Candidate
Ricardo Lara (D) - State Insurance Commissioner, Ex-State Sen. & Ex-Legislative Aide
Nancy Skinner (D) - State Sen., Ex-State Assemblywoman & Ex-Berkeley City Councilor
Tony Vazquez (D) - State Board of Equalization Member & Ex-Santa Monica Mayor
Yvonne Yiu (D) - Monterey Park Councilwoman, Financial Executive & '22 St Controller Candidate

Rob Bonta (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Darrell Steinberg (D) - Sacramento Mayor, Ex-State Senate President Pro Tem & Attorney

 Ricardo Lara (D)* - Term-Limited in 2026. ]
Tom Daly (D) - Ex-State Assemblyman, Ex-Orange County Clerk & Ex-Anaheim Mayor 
Mike McGuire (D) - State Sen Majority Leader, Ex-Sonoma Co Supervisor & Ex-Healdsburg Mayor
Richard Roth (D) - State Sen., Attorney & Retired USAF Major General

Peter Camejo for Governor

(Note: Superintendent is a Non-Partisan Positition)
Tony Thurmond (D)* - Term-Limited in 2026. ]
Connie Leyva (D) - Ex-State Sen. & Ex-California Labor Federation President

Barbara Boxer - 1992


State Assembly - (Democratic Caucus - Republican Caucus)

State Senate
- (Democratic Caucus - Republican Caucus)


[ Dianne Feinstein (D)* - Retiring in 2024. ]
Paul Anderson (G) 
Keivaulqe Autiameineire (NPP) - '22 US Rep Candidate
Dana Bobbitt (NPP) - Retired Ironworker
Eric Early (R) - Attorney & Frequent Candidate
Danny Fabricant (R) - Imprisoned Felon, '22 Candidate & '20 US Rep Candidate
Jacob Farmos (D) - Surf Shop Manager 
Jeremy Fennell (D) 
Frank Ferreira (NPP)
Carson Franklin Jr. (D) - IT Management Consultant 
Denice Gary-Pandol (R) - Podcast Host & Writer
Jehu Hand (R) - Businessman, Disbarred Attorney & Felon
Zakaria Kortam (R) - College Student 
Paul Krzemuski (R) - Real Estate Executive
Harmesh Kumar (D) - Psychologist, Community Activist & Frequent Candidate
Roxanne Lawler (R) - Contract Administrator
Barbara Lee (D) - Congresswoman, Ex-State Sen. & Ex-State Assemblywoman
Peter Liu (R) - Insurance Agent, Disabled Army Veteran & Frequent Candidate
John Pappenheim (R) - Manufacturing Plant Manager 
David Peterson (D) - Technology Professional & Frequent Candidate  
Douglas Howard Pierce (D) - Businessman & '18/'22 Candidate
Katie Porter (D) - Congresswoman, Attorney & Ex-Law Professor 
Raji Rab (D) - Businessman, Commercial Pilot & Frequent Candidate
Jonathan Reiss (R) - Multimedia Consultant, '22 US Rep Candidate & '18 Assembly Candidate
Jessica Resendez (D) - Digital Content Editor & Progressive Activist  
Adam Schiff (D) - Congressman, Ex-State Sen. & Attorney

Sonny Bono for US Senate 1992

Alex Padilla (D)* - (Campaign Site- Next Election in 2028.


District 1:
Doug LaMalfa (R)* - (Campaign Site)
Jeff Lavin (D) - Businessman, Motivational Speaker & Author
Trenten Phillips (NPP) - Business Development Associate & Navy Veteran
Aaron Webster (D) - Screenwriter & Documentary Filmmaker

District 2:
Jared Huffman (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Tief Gibbs Jensen (R) - Office Manager, Ex-Realtor & '22 School Board Candidate

Tony Coelho for Congress - 1978

District 3:
Kevin Kiley (R)* - (Campaign Site
Kermit Jones (D) - Physician, Iraq War Veteran & '22 Candidate

District 4:
Mike Thompson (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Matt Brock (R) - Water Utility Supervisor, '22 Candidate & '20 City Council Candidate

District 5:
Tom McClintock (R)* - (Campaign Site)
Mike Barkley (D) - Attorney, Accountant, Navy Veteran & Frequent Candidate
Jason Kassel (D) - College Professor

District 6:
Ami Bera (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Chris Bish (R) - Realtor, Financial Investigator & '20/'22 Candidate
Bret Daniels (R) - Citrus Heights City Councilman, Ex-Police Officer, USAF Veteran & '22 Candidate
Craig DeLuz (R) - Robla School Board Member, Communications Consultant & Conservative Activist

Tamika Hamilton (R) - Pastor, USAF Veteran & '20/'22 Candidate  

Omba Kipuke (D) - Policy Analyst , Graduate Student & Army Veteran

Tony Coelho

District 7:
Doris Matsui (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Max Semenenko (R) - Real Estate Developer, Realtor & '22 Candidate

District 8:
John Garamendi (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Rudy Recile (R) - Businessman, Retired Army Officer, MAGA Activist & '22 Candidate

District 9:
Josh Harder (D)* -  (Campaign Site)
Brett Dood (R) - Pastor
Karena Feng (NPP) - Realtor & '22 Candidate

District 10:
Mark DeSaulnier (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Michael Kerr (G) - Gardener, Army Veteran, Progressive Activist & '20/'22 Candidate

Calvin Nguyen (D) - Business Consultant

Tom Ammiano for San Francisco Mayor

District 11:
Nancy Pelosi (D)* - (Campaign Site)
John Dennis (R) - Businessman, GOP Activist & Frequent Candidate
Jane Kim (D) - Ex-San Francisco Supervisor, Attorney & Progressive Political Organizer
Christine Pelosi (D) - DNC Member, Attorney, Political Consulant & Congresswoman Pelosi's Daughter

Bianca Von Krieg (D) - Actress, Model, Trans Rights Activist & '22 Candidate
Scott Wiener (D) - State Sen. & Ex-San Francisco Supervisor

District 12:
Barbara Lee (D)* - Candidate for US Senate in 2024. ]
Tony Daysog (D) - Alameda City Councilman & '14 Candidate
Denard Ingram (D) - Social Worker, Psychologist & Democratic Activist 
Tim Sanchez (D) - Businessman, Navy Reserve Officer & Afghan War Veteran
Lateefah Simon (D) - BART Board Member, Ex-CSU Trustee & Nonprofit Executive

Loren Taylor (D) - Ex-Oakland City Councilor, Biomedical Engineer & '22 Mayor Candidate

Jennifer Tran (D) - College Professor & Oakland Vietnamese Chamber of Commerce President

Buffy Wicks (D) - State Assemblywoman, Political Consultant & Ex-Obama White House Aide

District 13:
John Duarte (R)* - (Campaign Site)
Phil Arballo (D) - Financial Advisor, Pornography Producer, Community Activist & '20/'22 Candidate  
Brad Boyd (D) - Retired Army Colonel & Ex-Congressional Aide 
Adam Gray (D) - Ex-State Assemblyman, Ex-Congressional Aide & '22 Candidate
Diego Martinez (R) - Businessman, '22 Candidate & '21 Gov Candidate
Angelina Rosario Sigala (D) - Public Health Educator

District 14:
Eric Swalwell (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Joseph "Doc" Grcar (R) - Computational Scientist & '22 St Assembly Candidate
Alison Hayden (R) - Teacher, Ex-Peace Corps Official, Ex-Banker & '20/'22 Candidate
Steve Iyer (R) - Renewables Executive, Engineer & '22 Candidate
Luis Reynoso (R) - Community College Trustee, Ex-School Board Member & College Professor
Vin Kruttiventi (R) - Businessman

Shirley Temple Black for Congress - 1967

District 15:
Kevin Mullin (D)* -  (Campaign Site)

District 16:
Anna Eshoo (D)* - (Campaign Site
Rishi Kumar (D) - Saratoga City Councilman, Engineer, Businessman & '20/'22 Candidate 
Sam Liccardo (D) - Ex-San Jose Mayor, Ex-City Councilman & Attorney 
Joe Simitian (D)- Santa Clara County Supervisor, Ex-State Sen. & Ex-Palo Alto Mayor
Greg Tanaka (D) - Palo Alto City Councilman, Engineer, Businessman & '22 Candidate

District 17:
Ro Khanna (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Joe Dehn (L) - Ex-Libertarian Party National Secretary & Frequent Candidate

Ritesh Tandon (D) - Businessman, Computer Engineer & '20/'22 Candidate

District 18:
Zoe Lofgren (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Peter Hernandez (R) - Ex-San Benito County Supervisor, Shaved Ice Shop Owner & '22 Candidate
Luele Kifle (D) - IT Consultant

Sam Liccardo (D) - Ex-San Jose Mayor, Ex-City Councilman & Attorney

David Rangel (D)

Gray Davis for Governor - 1974

District 19:
Jimmy Panetta (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Dalila Epperson (R) - Retired Vocational Nurse, Conservative Activist & '22 Candidate
Jeff Gorman (R) - Financial Advisor, GOP Activist & '20/'22 Candidate

District 20:
Kevin McCarthy (R)* - (House Speaker Site) - (Campaign Site)
Nathaniel Bruce (R) - Janitor
John Burrows (D) - Public Relations Consultant
Ben Dewell (D) - Meteorologist, Community Activist & '22 Candidate
Andy Morales (D) - Security Guard

District 21:
Jim Costa (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Michael Maher (R) - Businessman, Ex-FBI Agent & Navy Veteran & '22 Candidate

District 22:
David Valadao (R)* - (Campaign Site
Rudy Salas (D) - Ex-State Assemblyman, Ex-Bakersfield City Councilman & '22 Candidate

Jerry Brown for Oakland Mayor

District 23:
Jay Obernolte (R)* - (Campaign Site)
Miguel Arceo (D)
Matthew Favro (D)
Derek Marshall (D) - Progressive Political Organizer, Ex-Tech Executive & '22 Candidate

District 24:
Salud Carbajal (D)* (Campaign Site)

District 25:
Raul Ruiz (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Miguel Chapa (R) - Salesman
Brian Hawkins (R) - San Jacinto City Councilman, Pastor & '22 Candidate  

Cici Truman (R) - Businesswoman, '22 Candidate & '20 City Council Candidate
Ian Weeks (R) - Financial Planner & '22 Assembly Nominee

District 26:
Julia Brownley (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Matt Jacobs (R) - Attorney & '22 Candidate

Pat Brown for Governor - 1966

District 27:
Mike Garcia (R)* - (Campaign Site)
Franky Carrillo (D) - Exoneree Criminal Justice Advocate & Democratic Activist

David Rudnick (R) - Appliance Repair Company Owner, USMC Veteran & '22 Candidate

George Whitesides (D) - Ex-NASA Chief of Staff & Ex-Virgin Galactic CEO 

District 28:
Judy Chu (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Kerry Lewis (R) - Self-Employed
Robert Lucero (R) - Podcast Host, Political PAC Founder & '22 US Sen Candidate

District 29:
Tony Cardenas (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Angelica Duenas (D) - HR Professional, Peace Activist & Frequent Candidate

District 30:
Adam Schiff (D)* - Candidate for US Senate in 2024. ]
Alex Balekian (NPP) - Physician
Josh Bocanegra (D) - Businessman 
Drew Britton (D)
Mike Castellanos (D)
Steve Dunwoody (D) - Educator, Iraq War Veteran & Democratic Activist
Laura Friedman (D) - State Assemblywoman & Ex-Glendale City Councilwoman 
Mike Feuer (D) - Ex-State Assemblyman, Ex-Los Angeles City Attorney & '22 Mayor Candidate
Patrick Lee Gipson (R) - Police Officer & '22 Candidate
Sarah Idan (D) - 2017 Miss Universe Contestant for Iraq & Pro-Israel Activist
Nick Melvoin (D) - Los Angeles School Board Member, Attorney & Ex-Teacher|

Johnny Nalbandian (R) - Businessman, MAGA Activist & Frequent Candidate

Anthony Portantino (D) - State Sen., Ex-State Assemblyman & Ex-La Canada City Councilman 
G. "Maebe A. Girl" Pudlo (D) - Community Activist, Drag Performer & '20/'22 Candidate
Jirair Ratevsoian (D) - Public Health Professional, Ex-US State Dept Official & Ex-Congressional Aide
Ben Savage (D) - Actor & '22 City Council Candidate
Eric Sawchuk (R) - Businessman & Community Activist
Sepi Shyne (D) - West Hollywood Mayor, Attorney & LGBT Rights Activist

Arianna Huffington - 2003

District 31:
Grace Napolitano (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Bob Archuleta (D) - State Sen.

District 32:
Brad Sherman (D)* - (Campaign Site)
David Brown (D)
Geoff Wolfe (D)

District 33:
Pete Aguilar (D)* - (House Democratic Caucus Chair Site) - (Campaign Site)
Sarah Sun Liew (R) - Businesswoman, '22 US Sen Candidate & '20 Candidate

Mark Porter (R) - Disaster Response Coordinator, Ex-Hospitality Worker & '22 Candidate

District 34:
Jimmy Gomez (D)*
- (Campaign Site)
David Kim (D) - Movie Executive, Attorney, Neighborhood Council Member & '20/'22 Candidate

Peace & Freedom Party

District 35:
Norma Torres (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Mike Cargile (R) - Independent Filmmaker, Army Veteran & '20/'22 Candidate
Melissa May(D)

District 36:
Ted Lieu (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Mike Cheaure (D) - Creative Director
Julia Hashemieh (R) - Outpatient Surgery Company CEO
Melissa Toomim (R) - Businesswoman, Actress, Writer, MAGA Activist & '22 Candidate

District 37:
Sydney Kamlager (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Aja Smith (R) - Businesswoman, USAF Veteran & Frequent Candidate 

District 38:
Linda Sanchez (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Eric Ching (R) - Walnut City Councilman, Businessman & '22 Candidate

Jack Dean - 1988

District 39:
Mark Takano (D)* - (Campaign Site)

District 40:
Young Kim (R)* - (Campaign Site)
Allyson Muniz Damikolas (D) - Tustin School Board Trustee & Engineer
Joe Kerr (D) - Retired Fire Captain & '22 State Sen Candidate

District 41:
Ken Calvert (R)* - (Campaign Site)
Brian Hawkins (D) - San Jacinto City Councilman, Pastor, Ex-Republican & '22 Candidate
Will Rollins (D) - Ex-Federal Prosecutor & '22 Candidate
Tim Sheridan (D) - Lake Elsinore City Councilman, Attorney & '14/'16 Candidate

District 42:
Robert Garcia (D)* - (Campaign Site)
John Briscoe (R) - School Board Trustee, Business Consultant & Frequent US Rep Candidate

Bob Dornan

District 43:
Maxine Waters (D)* - (Campaign Site)

District 44:
Nanette Barragan (D)* - (Campaign Site)

District 45:
Michelle Steel (R)* - (Campaign Site)
Jay Chen (D) - Community College Trustee, Businessman, Navy Reserve Officer & '22 Candidate
Cheyenne Hunt (D) - Attorney & Progressive Activist 
Kim Nguyen (D) - Garden Grove Councilwoman & '20/'22 County Supervisor Candidate
Aditya Pai (D) - Attorney & Community Activist
Jimmy Phan (D) - Attorney, Community Activist & '22 City Council Candidate
Mike Schaefer (D) - State Board of Equalization Member & Attorney

District 46:
Lou Correa (D)* - (Campaign Site)

Ralph Waite (Pa Walton) for Congress

District 47:
Katie Porter (D)* - Candidate for US Senate in 2024. ]
Lori Kirkland Baker (D) - TV Show Writer/Producer 
Scott Baugh (R) - Ex-State Assemblyman, Attorney & '18/'22 Candidate  
Brian Burley (R) - IT Consultant & Frequent Candidate
Steven Cotton (R)
James "JB" Griffin (R) - Real Estate Broker, Property Manager & '20 Candidate
Dom Jones (D) - Fitness Instructor & Community Activist 
Dave Min (D) - State Sen., Attorney, Ex-Congressional Aide & '18 Candidate 
Mike Schaefer (D) - Equalization Board Member, Ex-San Diego City Councilman & Attorney
Max Ukropina (R) - Businessman
Joanna Weiss (D) - Attorney & Progressive Activist

District 48:
Darrell Issa (R)* - (Campaign Site)
Stephen Houlahan (D) - Ex-Santee Councilman, Nurse, '22 Candidate & '20 Mayor Candidate
Lucinda Jahn (NPP) - Entertainment Industry Technician, USAF Veteran  & '22 Candidate

District 49:
Mike Levin (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Sheryl Adams (R) - Businesswoman

Lisa Bartlett (R) - Orange County Supervisor, Ex-Dana Point Mayor, Businesswoman & '22 Candidate

Matt Gunderson (R) - Auto Dealer & '22 State Sen Candidate

Brian Maryott (R) - San Juan Capistrano Councilman, Financial Advisor & Frequent US Rep Candidate

John Briggs for Governor - 1978

District 50:
Scott Peters (D)* - (Campaign Site)

District 51:
Sara Jacobs (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Stan Caplan (R) - Businessman & '22 Candidate
Barrett Holman Leak (D) - Author, Ex-UNICEF Employee, Ex-Journalist & '22 Candidate
Bill Wells (R) - El Cajon Mayor, Healthcare Executive, Psychologist, Nurse & '18 Candidate

District 52:
Juan Vargas (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Tyler Geffeney (R) - Businessman, Pastor & '22 Candidate


American Independent Party (AIP)
American Solidarity Party (ASP) 
California National Party (CNP)
Common Sense Party (CS)
Constitution Party of California (C) 
California Democratic Party (D)
Green Party of California (G)
Libertarian Party of California (L)
Peace & Freedom Party (PFP)
Reform Party (REF) 
California Republican Party (R)
Socialist Party of California (S)
Socialist Workers Party (SWP)
Independent / No Party Preference (NPP) 
Write-In Candidate (WI)

Maureen Reagan for Congress


Secretary of State's Office

Pat Brown for Governor - 1966


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John G Schmitz for US Senate - 1982

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Duke Cunningham for Congress

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