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Your complete directory of Pennsylvania candidates for Governor, United State Senator and Congress in the current election cycle ... state political parties ... the official state election office ... and state news sources.

Bill Scranton for Governor - Jim Van Zandt for US Senate - 1962

Filing Deadline (D/R): March 6, 2018 (State Offices)
& March 20 (Federal Offices)
Filing Deadline (Third Parties & Indep): August 1, 2018
Primary: May 15, 2018
Bold = Active Candidate
Italics = Potential Candidate
* = Incumbent
= Winner
(Incumbent Party Listed First)

This page was last updated on April 18, 2018


Next Gubernatorial Election in 2018:

(Note: Governor & Lt. Governor candidates run together on tickets in the General Election.)

Tom Wolf (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Laura Ellsworth (R) - Attorney & Ex-Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce President
Paul Mango (R) - Businessman & Army Veteran
Scott Wagner (R) - State Sen. & Businessman
Ken Krawchuk (Libertarian) - IT Consultant, Computer Programmer & Frequent Candidate

Casey - Knoll - Kohn - 1996

Mike Stack (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Nina Ahmad (D) - Ex-Philadelphia Deputy Mayor, Molecular Biologist & Progressive Activist
Kathi Cozzone (D) - Chester County Commissioner & Businesswoman
John Fetterman (D) - Braddock Mayor & '16 US Sen. Candidate
Craig Lehman (D) - Lancaster County Commissioner, Ex-Lancaster City Controller & Navy Veteran
Ray Sosa (D) - Business Consultant & Ex-State Human Rights Advocacy Committee Chair
Jeff Bartos (R) - Real Estate Developer & GOP Fundraiser
Kathy Coder (R) - Ex-Bellevue Borough Councilwoman, Business Consultant & GOP Activist
Peg Luksik (R) - Conservative Activist, Businesswoman & Frequent Candidate 
Diana Irey Vaughan (R) - Washington County Commissioner & '12 St Treasurer Nominee
Kathy Smith (Libertarian) - Ex-Canon-McMillan School Board Member & Libertarian Activist

The Following Constitutional Officer Elections are in 2020:

Josh Shapiro (D)* - (Campaign Site)

R. Budd Dwyer

Eugene DePasquale (D)* - (Campaign Site)

Joe Torsella (D)* - (Campaign Site)

Sesler - Shapp - Kline


STATE HOUSE - ( Republican Caucus - Democratic Caucus )

STATE SENATE - ( Republican Caucus - Democratic Caucus )


Bob Casey Jr. (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Brian Kelly (D/Write-In) - Retired College Professor, Computer Engineer & '16 US Rep. Candidate
Lou Barletta (R) - Congressman, Ex-Hazleton Mayor & Ex-Businessman
Jim Christiana (R) - State Rep. & Ex-Beaver Borough Councilman
Dale Kerns (Libertarian) - Electrical Contracting Estimator & Community Activist

Sen Hugh Scott

Pat Toomey (R)* - (Campaign Site) - Next Election in 2022.


**Districts Renumbered to Reflect 2018 Court-Ordered Redistricting**

District 1:
Brian Fitzpatrick (R)* - (Campaign Site)
Dean Malik (R) - Attorney, USMC Veteran & '10/'16 Candidate
Steve Bacher (D) - Grant Writer & Non-Profit Group Executive
Rachel Reddick (D) - Attorney & Navy Veteran
Scott Wallace (D) - Investment Fund CEO, Attorney & Philanthropist
Steve Sheetz (Libertarian) - Ex-State Party Chair & Building Contractor

District 2:
[ Bob Brady (D)* - Current CD-2 Incumbent - Retiring in 2018. ]
Brendan Boyle (D)* - Current CD-4 Incumbent - (Campaign Site)
Michele Lawrence (D) - Radio Show Host, Ex-Banker & Community Activist
David Torres (R)

District 3:
Dwight Evans (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Kevin Johnson (D) - Pastor & Workforce Development Executive
Bryan Leib (R) - Apartment Leasing Agent & GOP Activist

Congressman Robert Nix

District 4:
[ Brendan Boyle (D)* - Candidate for Re-Election in CD-2. ]
Madeleine Dean (D) - State Rep., College Professor & Ex-Attorney
Shira Goodman (D) - Attorney & Gun Control Activist
Joe Hoeffel (D) - Ex-Congressman, Ex-Montgomery County Commissioner & '10 Gov Candidate
Dan David (R) - Investment Executive & Businessman
Sandra Salas (Libertarian) - added.

District 5:
[ Pat Meehan (R)* - Retiring in 2018. ]
Pearl Kim (R) - Ex-Senior Deputy Attorney General
Larry Arata (D) - Teacher & Democratic Activist
Margo Davidson (D) - State Rep. & Ex-Journalist
Thaddeus Kirkland (D) - Chester Mayor, Ex-State Rep. & Pastor
Rich Lazer (D) - Ex-Philadelphia Deputy Mayor & Ex-City Council Aide
Lindy Li (D) - Financial Analyst & '16 Candidate
Ashley Lunkenheimer (D) - Ex-Asst US Attorney
Elizabeth Moro (D) - Real Estate Broker
Mary Gay Scanlon (D) - Ex-Wallingford-Swarthmore School Board Member & Attorney
Molly Sheehan (D) - Medical Research Scientist
Greg Vitali (D) - State Rep. & Attorney
David Wertime (D) - Businessman & Ex-Journalist
Theresa Wright (D) - Financial Planner & Accountant

District 6:
[ Ryan Costello (R)* - Retiring in 2018. ]
Greg McCauley (R) - Attorney & Businessman
Chrissy Houlahan (D) - Non-Profit Executive, Ex-Teacher & USAF Veteran

Mike "Ozzie" Myers

District 7:
[ Charlie Dent (R)* - Resigning in May 2018 to accept private sector position. ]
Dean Browning (R) - Ex-Lehigh County Commissioner & Businessman
Marty Nothstein (R) - Lehigh County Commissioner & '00 Olympic Gold Medalist in Cycling
David Clark (D) - Retired Youth Social Services Professional & Army Veteran
Rick Daugherty (D) - Social Services Executive, Ex-Congressional Aide & '12/'16 Nominee
Greg Edwards (D) - Pastor
John Morganelli (D) - Northampton County District Attorney & Frequent Statewide Candidate
Roger Ruggles (D) - Environmental Engineer & College Professor
Susan Wild (D) - Ex-Allentown City Solicitor, Community Activist & '13 County Board Candidate
Tim Silfies (Libertarian) - TV Reporter
Chip Collica (Independent) - Attorney, Disabled Army Veteran & Ex-Democrat

District 8:
Matt Cartwright (D)* - (Campaign Site)
John Chrin (R) - Venture Capitalist & Ex-Investment Banker
Robert Kuniegel (R) - Real Estate Developer, Retired State Corrections Officer & Veteran
Joe Peters (R) - Ex-Federal Prosecutor, Ex-Police Officer, '16 Atty. Gen. Candidate & '04 St. Auditor Nominee

District 9:
[ Lou Barletta (R)* - Candidate for US Senate in 2018. ]
George Halcovage (R) - Schuylkill County Commission Chair & Insurance Agency Owner
Dan Meuser (R) - Ex-State Revenue Secretary, Businessman & '08 Candidate
Scott Uehlinger (R) - Ex-CIA Officer, Retired Navy Officer, College Professor & Trump Campaign Activist
Laura Quick (D) - UPS Package Driver, Ex-Teacher & '15 Lebanon County Clerk Candidate
Gary Wegman (D) - Dentist, Real Estate Investor & '16 Candidate
Denny Wolff (D) - Ex-State Agriculture Secretary & Dairy Farmer
Justin Cassidy (Libertarian)

James Michener

District 10:
Scott Perry (R)*- (Campaign Site)
Shavonnia Corbin-Johnson (D) - Ex-Obama White House Aide & Ex-Congressional Aide

Eric Ding (D) - Epidemiologist & Health Economist
Alan Howe (D) - Retired USAF NCO & Community Activist
George Scott (D) - Lutheran Minister & Retired Army Officer

District 11:
Lloyd Smucker (R)* - (Campaign Site)
Chet Beiler (R) - Businessman, Ex-Lancaster County GOP Chair & Frequent Candidate
Jess King (D) - Non-Profit Group Executive & Community Activist
Drew Anderson (Independent) - TV Meteorologist, Teacher & Ex-Republican

District 12:
Tom Marino (R)*- (Campaign Site)
Doug McLinko (R) - Bradford County Commissioner, Ex-Wysox Town Supervisor & Businessman

Marc Friedenberg (D) - College Professor, Attorney & Technology Professor
Judy Herschel (D) - Addiction Counselor

Dick Schulze

District 13:
[ Bill Shuster (R)* - Retiring in 2018. ]
Stephen Bloom (R) - State Rep. & Attorney
John Eichelberger (R) - State Sen., Ex-Blair County Commissioner & Ex-Insurance Broker
Art Halvorson (R) - Businessman, Retired Coast Guard Captain & Frequent Candidate
Ben Hornberger (R) - USMC Veteran & Trump Campaign Activist
John Joyce (R) - Physician
Doug Mastriano (R) - Retired Army Colonel & Afghan War Veteran
Travis Schooley (R) - Businessman, Army Veteran & Frequent Candidate
Bernie Washabaugh (R) - Real Estate Developer
Brent Ottaway (D) - Ex-Hollidaysburg School Board Member & College Professor

District 14:
[ Conor Lamb (D)* - Candidate for Re-Election in CD-17. ]
Guy Reschenthaler (R) - State Sen., Attorney & Iraq War Veteran
Rick Saccone (R) - State Rep., College Professor, Retired USAF Officer & '18 Nominee
Bibiana Boerio (D) - Retired Ford Motor Executive, Ex-US Mint Director & Ex-Congressional Aide
Tom Prigg (D) - Neurobiology Research Associate, Army Veteran & '14 Candidate
Adam Sedlock (D) - Psychologist & '16 Candidate
Bob Solomon (D) - Emergency Room Physician

Drew Miller (Libertarian) - Attorney, Ex-State Legislative Aide, Ex-Realtor & Community Activist

District 15:
Glenn "GT" Thompson (R)* - (Campaign Site)
Susan Boser (D) - College Professor & Community Activist
Wade Jodun (D) - Biologist & Ex-Federal Employee

Socialist Equality Party - 1996

District 16:
Mike Kelly (R)*- (Campaign Site)
Ron DiNicola (D) - Attorney, Nonprofit Group Executive, USMC Veteran & '96 Nominee

Robert Multari (D) - Physician
Chris Rieger (D) - Attorney, Progressive Activist & '16 State Rep. Nominee
Ebert Beeman (Libertarian)

District 17:
Keith Rothfus (R)* - (Campaign Site)
Conor Lamb (D)* - Congressman in CD-14
- (Campaign Site)

District 18:
Mike Doyle (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Janis Brooks (D) - Pastor, Community Activist & '14/'16 Candidate

Gov Dick Thornburgh - 1982


Constitution Party of Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania Democratic Party
Green Party of Pennsylvania
Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania Republican Party

Sen Joseph Clark - 1968


Secretary of State's Office


Tom Ridge & George HW Bush 1992


Allentown Morning Call
Allentown Times
Beaver County Times
Bridgeville Area News Star
Bucks County Courier Times
Carlisle Sentinel
Carnegie Signal Item Star
Centre Daily Times (State College)
City & State Pennsylvania
Coraopolis Record Star
Cranberry Journal Star
Daily Pennsylvanian (University of Pennsylvania)
Delaware County Daily Times
Easton Express-Times
Erie Times News
Gettysburg Times
GrassrootsPA (Conservative)

Senator Harris Wofford - 1994

Harrisburg Patriot-News
Hazleton Standard-Speaker
The Insider (Politics)
Keystone Politics
KYW AM-1060 (Pittsburgh)
Lancaster Intelligencer-Journal / Lancaster New Era
Lehighton Times News
Lock Haven Express
McKeesport Daily News
Meadville Tribune
Monroeville Times Express Star
Moon Record Star
Murraysville Star
North Journal Star (Pine/Richland)
Norwin Star (Irwin/North Irwin)
Oakmont-Verona Advance Leader Star
Penn Hills Star
Pennsylvania Cable Network

Frank Rizzo for Mayor

Pennsylvania Report
Philadelphia City Paper (Alternative)
Philadelphia Gay News
Philadelphia Inquirer - Philadelphia Daily News
Philadelphia Jewish Exponent
Philadelphia New Observer (African-American)
Philadelphia Northeast News Gleaner
Philadelphia Tribune (African-American)
Philadelphia Weekly (Alternative)
Pittsburgh City Paper (Alternative)
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
Plum Advance Leader Star
Pocono Record
Pottstown Mercury
Reading Eagle
Scranton Times-Tribune
Sweickley Herald Star
Sharon Herald
South Hills Record Star (Brentwood)
Sunbury Daily Item
Uniontown Herald-Standard
West Chester Daily Local News
Wilkes Barre Citizens' Voice
Wilkes Barre Times Leader
Woodland Hills Star (Wilkins Township)
York Daily Record

Ron Klink for Congress


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