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Your complete directory of Maryland candidates for Governor, State Cabinet, United State Senator and Congress in the current election cycle ... state political parties ... the official state election office ... and state news sources.

"It isn't 'official' to political insiders until you see the candidate's name listed on Politics1." -- Governor Larry Hogan (2010)

George Mahoney for Governor 1958

Bold = Active Candidate
Italics = Potential Candidate
* = Incumbent
= Election Winner
(Incumbent Party Listed First)

Filing Deadline (Major Parties): February 3, 2016
Filing Deadline (Third Parties/Independents): August 1, 2016
Filing Deadline (Write-In Candidates): October 20, 2016
Primary: April 26, 2016

This page was last updated on February 3, 2016


Larry Hogan (R)* - (Campaign Site)
Rushern Baker (D) - Prince George's County Executive, Ex-State Del. & Attorney
John Delaney (D) - Congressman & Businessman
Kevin Kamentetz (D) - Baltimore County Executive, Ex-Baltimore County Councilman & Attorney
Tom Perez (D) - US Labor Secretary, Ex-USDOJ Official, Ex-Montgomery County Councilman & Attorney
Dutch Ruppersberger (D) - Congressman, Ex-Baltimore County Executive & Attorney
Ken Ulman (D) - Ex-Howard County Executive, Ex-Howard County Councilman, Attorney & '14 Lt. Gov. Nominee

Next State Constitutional Officer Elections in 2018.

Harry Hughes for Governor 1978

Boyd Rutherford (R)*

Peter Franchot (D)* - (Campaign Site)

Brian Frosh (D)* - (Campaign Site)


State House of Delegates

State Senate


[ Barbara Mikulski (D)* - Retiring in 2016. ]
Freddie Dickson (D)
Donna Edwards (D) - Congresswoman & Attorney
Ralph Jaffe (D) - Retired Teacher & Frequent Candidate
Charles Smith (D) - Community Activist & Frequent Candidate
Violet Staley (D) - Educator
Blaine Taylor (D)
Ed Tinus (D) - Upholsterer & '12 Candidate
Chris Van Hollen (D) - Congressman, Ex-State Sen., Ex-State Del. & Attorney
Lih Young (D) - Economist, College Professor & Frequent Candidate
Chris Chaffee (R) - Home Building Contractor, Community Activist & '10/'14 US Rep. Candidate
Sean Connor (R)
Richard Douglas (R) - Ex-USDOD Official, Businessman, Attorney, Iraq War Veteran & '12 Candidate
John Graziani (R) - Retired Federal Contract Manager, Photographer & '14 US Rep. Candidate
Greg Holmes (R) - Business Consultant, Ex-MTA Official & '12/'14 US Rep. Candidate
Joe Hooe (R) - Tire Store Owner & '14 State Del. Nominee
Chrys Kefalas (R) - Attorney, Trade Association Executive & Ex-Gubernatorial Aide
Mark McNicholas (R) - Mortgage Loan Officer
Lynn Richardson (R) - Businesswoman
Anthony Seda (R) - Teacher & Navy Veteran
Richard Shawver (R) - Conservative Activist & '06/'10 Candidate
Kathy Szeliga (R) - State House Minority Whip & General Contractor
Dave Wallace (R) - Businessman & '12/'14 US Rep. Candidate
Garry Yarrington (R)
Elizabeth Croydon (Green) - Comic & Actress
Margaret Flowers (Green) - Pediatrician & Progressive Activist
Arvin Vohra (Libertarian) - Businessman, Educator & Frequent Candidate
Greg Dorsey (Independent) - Music Instructor & '14 State Sen. Candidate
Steve Gladstone (Independent) - Computer Programmer
Edward Shlikas (Independent) - Retired School Facility Manager & Ex-Teacher
Kay Young (Independent) - Diversity Consultant

Mac Mathias for Senate - 1974

Ben Cardin (D)* - (Campaign Site) - Next Election in 2018.


District 1:
Andy Harris (R)* - (Campaign Site)
Jonathan Goff (R) - General Contractor
Sean Jackson (R) - Police Officer & USMC Veteran
Mike Smigiel (R) - Ex-State Del., Attorney, Tea Party Activist & USMC Veteran
Jim Ireton (D) - Salisbury City Councilman & Teacher
Joe Werner (D) - Attorney & Frequent Candidate
Matt Beers (Libertarian) - Navy Veteran & College Student

District 2:
C.A. Dutch Ruppersberger (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Bill Heine (R) - Project Management Specialist, Army Veteran & '14 County Council Candidate
Carl Magee (R) - Senior Citizen Benefits Consultant, Ex-Police Officer & '14 State Del. Candidate
Pat McDonough (R) - State Del., Businessman & Radio Show Host
Yuripzy Morgan (R) - Attorney
Mark Shell (R) - IT Professional & '12/'14 Libertarian Candidate
Kristin Kasprzak (Libertarian) - Daycare Provider

Roy Dyson for Congress

District 3:
John Sarbanes (D)* - (Campaign Site)
John Rea (D) - Salesman & Frequent Candidate
Thomas "Pinkston" Harris (R) - Insurance Broker & Frequent Candidate
Mark Plaster (R) - Physician & Iraq War Veteran
Nnabu Eze (Green)

District 4:
[ Donna Edwards (D)* - Candidate for US Senate in 2016. ]
Anthony Brown (D) - Ex-Lt. Governor, Ex-House Majority Whip, Attorney, Iraq War Veteran & '14 Gov. Nominee
Warren Christopher (D) - Retired Army Officer, Iraq/Afghan War Veteran & '14 Candidate
Glenn Ivey (D) - Ex-Prince George's County State's Attorney & '12 Candidate
Joseline Peña-Melnyk (D) - State Del., Ex-College Park City Councilwoman & Attorney
Terence Strait (D) - Federal Employee, Psychologist & Progressive Activist
Alvin Thornton (D) - College Professor & Ex-Congressional Aide
Robert "Bro" Broadus (R) - Realtor, IT Consultant, Navy Veteran & Frequent Candidate
Rob Buck (R)
George McDermott (R) - Construction Company Owner & Frequent Candidate
David Therrien (R) - Realtor
Kamesha Clark (Green)

District 5:
Steny Hoyer (D)* - (House Minority Whip Site) - (Campaign Site)
Kristin Beck (D) - Retired Navy SEAL & Transgender Activist
Debbie Wilson (D) - Realtor
Mark Arness (R) - Physician & Iraq War Veteran
Sam Faddis (R) - Retired CIA Officer, Attorney, Author & Army Veteran

Helen Delich Bentley for Congress

District 6:
John Delaney (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Tony Puca (D) - Mortgage Loan Officer, Democratic Activist & Frequent Candidate

Terry Baker (R) - Washington County Commissioner, Ex-Clear Spring City Councilman & Retired Trades Instructor
Scott Cheng (R) - Physician, College Instructor & '14 State Rep. Nominee
Robin Ficker (R) - Ex-State Del., Attorney, Anti-Tax Activist & Frequent Candidate
Amie Hoeber (R) - Military Consultant & Ex-Deputy Under Secretary of the Army
Frank Howard (R) - Businessman & '14 State Sen. Candidate
Chris Mason (R) - Carpenter, USMC Veteran & '14 Frederick County Council Candidate
Harold Painter (R) - Accountant & '14 Candidate
Dave Vogt (R) - State Del. & Afghan War Veteran
George Gluck (Green) - IT Consultant & Frequent Candidate

District 7:
Elijah Cummings (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Adrian Petrus (D)
Ray Bly (R) - Storage Yard Owner, Vietnam War Veteran & Frequent Candidate
William Newton (R) - Auto Mechanic, Antiques Store Owner & Frequent Candidate
Corrogan Vaughn (R) - Limousine Company Owner & Frequent Candidate
Myles Hoenig (Green) - Teacher, Progressive Activist & '04 Baltimore City Council Candidate
Scott Soffen (Libertarian) - Investment Executive, Community Activist & '12/'14 Nominee
Andre Kersey (Independent) - Labor Union Organizer

District 8:
[ Chris Van Hollen (D)* - Candidate for US Senate in 2016. ]
Dave Anderson (D) - College Professor & Non-Profit Group Executive
Kumar Barve (D) - State Del. & Ex-State House Majority Leader
Dan Bolling (D) - Retired Biotechnology Executive & '12 Candidate in Indiana
Ana Sol Gutierrez (D) - State Del., Ex-Montgomery County School Board Member & Computer Engineer
Will Jawando (D) - Ex-White House Aide, Ex-Congressional Aide, Attorney & '14 State Del. Candidate
Kathleen Matthews (D) - Ex-Hotel Chain Executive, Ex-TV News Anchor & Wife of TV Show Host Chris Matthews
Jamie Raskin (D) - State Senate Majority Whip & Attorney
Joel Rubin (D) - Foreign Policy Consultabt & Ex-US State Dept. Official
David Trone (D) - National Chain Wine Store Owner

Dan Cox (R) - Attorney
Jeff Jones (R) - Methodist Pastor
Liz Matory (R) - Consultant, Ex-University Official, Ex-Democrat & '14 State Del. Candidate
Aryeh Shudofsky (R) - Ex-Congressional Aide
Shelly Skolnick (R) - Attorney & Frequent Candidate
Nancy Wallace (Green) - Technology Consultant
Jasen Wunder (Libertarian)
Charles Galloway (Independent) - Military WMD Advisor & Navy Veteran

Kweisi Mfume for Congress


Constitution Party of Maryland
Maryland Democratic Party
Maryland Green Party
Libertarian Party of Maryland
Maryland Republican Party


Maryland State Board of Elections

Frank Mankiewicz for Congress 1974


The Capital (Annapolis)
Arbutus Times
Baltimore Business Journal
Baltimore Chronicle (Alternative)
Baltimore City Paper (Alternative)
Baltimore County Jeffersonian
Baltimore County North East Times
Baltimore Gay Paper
Baltimore Jewish Times
Baltimore Messenger
Baltimore Sun
Bowie Blade-News
Carroll County Times
Catonsville Times
Cecil County Post
University of Maryland Diamondback (College Park)
Columbia Flier
Cumberland Times-News
Deale Bay Weekly
Easton Star Democrat
Frederick News-Post
Gaithersburg Gazette
Hagerstown Herald-Mail
Howard County Times
Laurel Leader
Maryland Daily Record (Business & Legal News)
Maryland Public Television (MPT)
Maryland Reporter
Montgomery County Journal
Mt. Airy Messenger
Oakland Republican
Owings Mills Times
Prince George's County Journal
Salisbury Daily Times
Takoma Voice
Towson Times
Washington Post
Washington Times

Bill Shepard for Governor - 1990

WBAL TV-11 (NBC - Baltimore)
WJZ TV-13 (CBS - Baltimore)
WMAR TV-2 (ABC - Baltimore)
WBFF TV-45 (FOX - Baltimore)
WHAG TV-25 (NBC - Hagerstown)
WBOC TV-16 (CBS - Salisbury)
WMDT TV-47 (ABC - Salisbury)



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