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Your complete directory of California candidates for Governor, State Cabinet, United State Senator and Congress in the current election cycle ... state political parties ... the official state election office ... and state news sources.

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Ronald Reagan for Governor - 1966

Bold = Active Candidate
Italics = Potential Candidate
* = Incumbent
= Election Winner
(Incumbent Party Listed First)

Filing Deadline: March 7, 2014
Filing Deadline (Write-Ins): May 2014
Primary: June 3, 2014

This page was last updated on September 24, 2015


[ Jerry Brown (D)* - Term Limited in 2018. ]
Gavin Newsom (D) - Lt. Governor, Ex-San Francisco Mayor & Businessman
Steve Westly (D) - Ex-State Controller, Venture Capitalist, Ex-Internet Executive & '06 Candidate

Antonio Villaraigosa (D) - Ex-Los Angeles Mayor, Ex-State Assembly Speaker & Ex-Los Angeles City Councilman
Ashley Swearengin (R) - Fresno Mayor, Ex-Economic Development Executive & '14 State Controller Nominee

Jerry Waldie for Governor - 1974

Next State Constitutional Officer Elections in 2018.

[ Gavin Newsom (D)* - Candidate for Governor in 2018. ]

Alex Padilla (D)* - (Campaign Site)

Betty Yee (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Ashley Swearengin (R) - Fresno Mayor, Ex-Economic Development Executive & '14 Nominee

John Briggs for Governor - 1978

John Chiang (D)* - (Campaign Site)

Kamala Harris (D)* - (Campaign Site)

Dave Jones (D)* - (Campaign Site)

Peter Camejo for Governor

(Note: Superintendent is a Non-Partisan Positition)
Tom Torlakson (D)* - (Campaign Site)

Barbara Boxer - 1992


State Assembly - ( Democratic Caucus - Republican Caucus )

State Senate
- ( Democratic Caucus - Republican Caucus )


[ Barbara Boxer (D)* - Retiring in 2016. ]
Akinyemi Agbede (D) - Mathematician & Frequent Candidate
Jerry Leon Carroll (Independent) - Frequent Candidate
Rocky Chavez (R) - State Assemblyman, Ex-Oceanside City Councilman & Retired USMC Officer
Tom Del Beccaro (R) - Ex-State GOP Chair & Conservative Blogger

Tim Donnelly (R) - Ex-State Assemblyman, Businessman, Tea Party Activist & '14 Gov. Candidate

John Estrada (R) - Businessman, Navy Veteran, GOP Activist & '94/'98 US Rep. Candidate
Tim Gildersleeve (Independent)
Kamala Harris (D) - Attorney General & Ex-San Francisco District Attorney
Phillip House (D) - '04 San Francisco Supervisor Candidate
Albert Howard (R) - Singer, Pastor, Army Veteran & Frequent Candidate
Tim Kalemkarian (R) - Frequent Candidate
Temperance Lance-Council (D) - Frequent Candidate
Jerry Laws (R) - Retired Truck Driver, '14 State Assembly Candidate & '15 State Senate Candidate
Gail Lightfoot (Libertarian) - Ex-State Party Chair, Retired Nurse & Frequent Candidate
M.M. Moharir (Independent) - Retired Aerospace Engineer & Author

Doug Ose (R) - Ex-Congressman, Businessman & '08/'14 US Rep. Candidate

Tom Palzer (R) - Retired Urban Planner & USAF Veteran

Steve Poizner (R) - Ex-State Insurance Commissioner, Technology Executive & '10 Gov. Candidate

Al Ramirez (R) - Businessman & '10/'12 Candidate
Loretta Sanchez (D) - Congresswoman & Ex-Financial Analyst
Duf Sundheim (R) - Ex-State GOP Chair, Attorney & Mediator
Jason Swaim (Independent) - Oilfield Worker
Doug Van Raam (Free Soil) - Rigger, Stagehand, Landscaper & Frequent Candidate
Phil Wyman (R) - Ex-State Sen., Ex-State Assemblyman, Attorney, Rancher & '14 Atty. Gen. Candidate

Sonny Bono for US Senate 1992

Dianne Feinstein (D)* - Next Election in 2018.


District 1:
Doug LaMalfa (R)* - (Campaign Site)

District 2:
Jared Huffman (D)* - (Campaign Site)

Tony Coelho for Congress - 1978

District 3:
John Garamendi (D)* - (Campaign Site)
N. Eugene Cleek (R) - Trauma Surgeon & Farmer

District 4:
Tom McClintock (R)* - (Campaign Site)
David Peterson (D) - Technology Executive & '12/'14 Candidate

District 5:
Mike Thompson (D)* - (Campaign Site)

District 6:
Doris Matsui (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Joseph McCray Sr. (R) - Landscaping Contractor, Retired Army Officer & '12/'14 Candidate

Tony Coelho

District 7:
Ami Bera (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Igor Birman (R) - Ex-Congressional Aide & '14 Candidate
Scott Jones (R) - Sacramento County Sheriff
Doug Ose (R) - Ex-Congressman, Businessman & '08/'14 Candidate
D.A. "Art" Tuma (Libertarian) - Retired Civil Engineer, Libertarian Activist & Frequent Candidate

District 8:
Paul Cook (R)* - (Campaign Site)

District 9:
Jerry McNerney (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Kathryn Nance (R) - Police Officer

District 10:
Jeff Denham (R)* - (Campaign Site)
Mike Barkley (D) - Attorney, Democratic Activist, Navy Veteran & '12/'14 Candidate
Michael Eggman (D) - Bee Farmer & '14 Nominee

Tom Ammiano for San Francisco Mayor

District 11:
Mark DeSaulnier (D)*
- (Campaign Site)

District 12:
Nancy Pelosi (D)* - (House Minority Leader Site) - (Campaign Site)
John Dennis (R) - Businessman, Ron Paul Campaign Activist & Frequent Candidate
Barry Hermanson (Green) - Businessman, Community Activist & Frequent Candidate

Preston Picus (Independent) - Writer & Ex-Teacher

Desmond Thorsson (Independent) - Businessman & Ex-TV/Radio Broadcaster & '14 Candidate

District 13:
Barbara Lee (D)* - (Campaign Site)

District 14:
Jackie Speier (D)* - (Campaign Site)

Shirley Temple Black for Congress - 1967

District 15:
Eric Swalwell (D)* - (Campaign Site)

District 16:
Jim Costa (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Henry Perea (D) - State Assemblyman & Ex-Fresno City Councilman

David Rogers (R) - Madera County Supervisor, Ex-Chowchilla City Councilman & General Contractor
Johnny Tacherra (R) - Farmer & '12/'14 Candidate

District 17:
Mike Honda (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Ro Khanna (D) - Ex-US Commerce Dept. Official & '14 Candidate

District 18:
Anna Eshoo (D)* - (Campaign Site)

Gray Davis for Governor - 1974

District 19:
Zoe Lofgren (D)*
- (Campaign Site)

District 20:
Sam Farr (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Casey Lucius (R) - Pacific Grove City Councilwoman, College Professor & Navy Veteran

District 21:
David Valadao (R)* - (Campaign Site)
John Hernandez (D) - Central California Hispanic Chamber of Commerce CEO & '12/'14 Candidate

Daniel Parra (D) - Fowler City Councilman, Computer Systems Analyst & USAF Veteran

Connie Perez (D) - Accountant
Michael Rubio (D) - Ex-State Sen.

District 22:
Devin Nunes (R)* - (Campaign Site)

Jerry Brown for Oakland Mayor

District 23:
Kevin McCarthy (R)* - (House Majority Leader Site) - (Campaign Site)

District 24:
[ Lois Capps (D)* - Retiring in 2016. ]
Katcho Achadjian (R) - State Assemblyman, Ex-San Luis Obispo County Supervisor & Businessman
Salud Carbajal (D) - Santa Barbara County Supervisor, Ex-Public Administrator & USMC Veteran
Justin Fareed (R) - Businessman, Rancher, Ex-Congressional Aide & '14 Candidate
Steve Isakson (Independent) - Electronical Engineer & '14 Candidate
Bill Ostrander (D) - Farmer & Campaign Finance Reform Activist
Helene Schneider (D) - Santa Barbara Mayor & Ex-Santa Barbara City Councilwoman

District 25:
Steve Knight (R)*
- (Campaign Site)
Maria Gutzeit (D) - Santa Clarita Water Board Member, Businesswoman & Environmental Engineer
Evan "Ivan" Thomas (D) - Test Pilot, Gulf War Veteran & Retired USAF Colonel
Lou Vince (D) - Agua Dulce Town Councilman, Police Officer, USMC Veteran & '14 LA County Sheriff Candidate

District 26:
Julia Brownley (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Rafael Dagnesses (R) - Realtor, Ex-Police Officer, USMC Veteran & '14 Candidate

Pat Brown for Governor - 1966

District 27:
Judy Chu (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Jack Orswell (R) - Private Investigator, Ex-FBI Agent & '12/'14 Candidate

District 28:
Adam Schiff (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Casey Gray (R) - Disabled Army Veteran
Yuriy Seretskiy (Independent) - Software Analyst & '14 Roseville City Council Candidate

District 29:
Tony Cardenas (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Benny Bernal (D) - Retired Labor Union Local VP & Community Activist

District 30:
Brad Sherman (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Aejaz "Raji" Rab (D) - Computer Consultant & '14 Candidate

Arianna Huffington - 2003

District 31:
Pete Aguilar (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Joe Baca (R) - Ex-Congressman, Ex-State Sen., Ex-State Assemblyman, Army Veteran & '12/'14 Candidate

Paul Chabot (R) - Businessman, Retired Navy Officer, '14 Candidate & '10 State Assembly Candidate

District 32:
Grace Napolitano (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Art Alas (R) - Realtor, GOP Activist, Ex-Pro Soccer Player & '14 Candidate

District 33:
Ted Lieu (D)* - (Campaign Site)

District 34:
Xavier Becerra (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Howard Johnson (PFP) - Attorney & Frequent Candidate

Peace & Freedom Party

District 35:
Norma Torres (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Shon Pieters (Libertarian) - Public Relations Consultant & Realtor

District 36:
Raul Ruiz (D)* -
(Campaign Site)

District 37:
Karen Bass (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Mervin Evans (D) - Businessman, Army Veteran & Frequent Candidate

District 38:
Linda Sanchez (D)* -
(Campaign Site)
Benjamin Campos (R) - Accountant, Army Veteran & '12/'14 Candidate

Jack Dean - 1988

District 39:
Ed Royce (R)* - (Campaign Site)

District 40:
Lucille Roybal-Allard (D)* - (Campaign Site)

District 41:
Mark Takano (D)* - (Campaign Site)

District 42:
Ken Calvert (R)* - (Campaign Site)
Kerri Condley (D) - Businesswoman & '14 Candidate
Tim Sheridan (D) - Attorney, Labor Union Organizer, Democratic Activist & '14 Candidate

Bob Dornan

District 43:
Maxine Waters (D)* - (Campaign Site)

District 44:
[ Janice Hahn (D)* - Candidate for Los Angeles County Supervisor in 2016. ]
Carmen Avalos (D) - South Gate City Clerk, Ex-Teacher, Ex-Medical Researcher & '10 Assembly Candidate

Nanette Barragan (D) - Hermosa Beach City Councilwoman & Attorney
Christopher Castillo (R) - Political Consultant

Maria Davila (D) - South Gate City Councilor

Isadore Hall III (D) - State Sen., Ex-State Assemblyman & '12 Candidate
Marcus Musante (D) - Attorney & '11 Los Angeles District Attorney Candidate
Omar Navarro (R) - Businessman
Bill Orton (D) - Author, Ex-State Legislative Aide & Ex-Journalist

District 45:
Mimi Walters (R)* - (Campaign Site)
Robert Lauten (R) - Vietnam War Veteran, LaRouche Activist & Frequent Candidate

District 46:
[ Loretta Sanchez (D)* - Candidate for US Senate in 2016. ]
Claudia Alvarez (D) - Community College Trustee & Ex-Santa Ana City Councilwoman
Valerie Amezcua (D) - Santa Ana School Board Member & Probation Officer

Jordan Brandman (D) - Anaheim City Councilman & Ex-Anaheim School Board Member
Lou Correa (D) - Ex-State Sen., Ex-State Assemblyman, Ex-Orange County Supervisor & Attorney
Joe Dunn (D) - Ex-State Sen., Attorney & '06 State Controller Candidate

Michele Martinez (D) - Santa Ana City Councilwoman & Graduate Student

Bao Nguyen (D) - Garden Grove Mayor & Ex-Garden Grove School Board Member
Heberto Sanchez (D) - County Employee & Community Activist

Vincent Sarmiento (D) - Santa Ana City Councilman & Attorney
Jose Solorio (D) - Community College Trustee, Ex-State Assemblyman & '14 State Sen. Candidate

Ralph Waite (Pa Walton) for Congress

District 47:
Alan Lowenthal (D)* - (Campaign Site)

District 48:
Dana Rohrabacher (R)* - (Campaign Site)
Robert Banuelos (D) - Ex-Congressional Aide & Frequent Candidate
Sue Savary (D) - Retired College Professor, Management Consultant & '14 Candidate

District 49:
Darrell Issa (R)* - (Campaign Site)
Douglas Applegate (D) - Attorney, Iraq War Veteran & Retired USMC Officer

District 50:
Duncan Hunter (R)* - (Campaign Site)
James Kimber (D) - Physician Assistant, Navy Veteran & '14 Candidate

John Briggs for Governor - 1978

District 51:
Juan Vargas (D)* - (Campaign Site)

District 52:
Scott Peters (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Jacquie Atkinson (R) - Iraq War Veteran, Defense Contractor Program Manager & LGBT Activist

District 53:
Susan Davis (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Jim Ash (R) - Business Consultant
Matt Mendoza (R) - Aerospace Factory Program Manager
James Veltmeyer (R) - Physician

Pat Brown for Governor - 1966


American Independent Party
California Democratic Party
Constitution Party of California
Green Party of California
Libertarian Party of California
Peace & Freedom Party
Reform Party of California
California Republican Party
Socialist Party of California

Maureen Reagan for Congress


Secretary of State's Office

Norm Mineta for Congress


Alameda Times-Star
Antelope Valley Press (Palmdale)
Around the Capitol
Bakersfield Californian
Beverly Hills Weekly
California Greening
California Voter Foundation
CalNews.com (Conservative)
Capitol Alert (Sacramento)
Contra Costa Times
Davis Enterprise
East Bay Express (Alternative)
Eureka Times-Standard
FlashReport.org (Conservative)
Frontiers Newsmagazine (Gay)
Law.com California
League of Women Voters: California Education Fund
Lompoc Record
Long Beach Press-Telegram
Los Angeles City Beat (Alternative)
Los Angeles Daily Breeze
Los Angeles Daily News
Los Angeles Jewish Journal
Los Angeles Times
- (Politics Section)
Los Angeles Weekly (Alternative)
- (Politics Section)
Modesto Bee
Nevada City Union

John G Schmitz for US Senate - 1982

North County Times (San Diego/Riverside)
Oakland Tribune
Orange County Now
Orange County Register
Orange County Weekly (Alternative)
Ontario Inland Valley Daily Bulletin
Palm Springs Desert Sun News
Pasadena Star-News
Placerville Mountain Democrat
Political Vanguard (Republican)
Pomona Inland Valley News (African-American)
Redlands Daily Facts
Ridgecrest Daily Independent
Riverside Press-Enterprise / Inland Empire Online
Rough & Tumble
Sacramento Bee
San Bernadino County Sun
San Diego Daily Transcript
- (Government Section)
San Diego Union Tribune
- (Politics Section)
San Francisco Bay Area Reporter (Gay)
San Francisco Bay Guardian (Alternative)
San Francisco Bay View (African-American)
San Francisco Chronicle
San Francisco Usual Suspects (Politics)
San Francisco Weekly (Alternative)
San Gabriel Valley Tribune
San Jose Mercury News
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Santa Barbara News-Press
Santa Rosa Press-Democrat
Siskiyou Daily News
Smart Voter - League of Women Voters
Solano County Daily Republic
Sonoma Index-Tribune
Stockton Record
Tahoe World
Torrance Daily Breeze
Vacaville Reporter
Valley Roadrunner
Ventura County Star
Watch Sonoma County (Politics)
Whittier Daily News

Duke Cunningham for Congress



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